10 Simple Ways to Practice “Me-Time”


MetimeOften times we associate “Me Time” with getting a mani-pedi, going shopping at the mall to buy something new, or going out to a fancy restaurant. Adding the expense of a babysitter usually makes the “Me Time” worth a full week of groceries. I would be totally be game for eating grilled cheese for a week if I could get that new purse I have been drooling over, but I wouldn’t do that to my kids!

Dates with ourselves often don’t happen because we are experts at putting our children’s needs ahead of our own. I’m not saying that is a bad thing, I’m just saying that is it equally important not to neglect ourselves.

We are really good at being creative for our kids. Making forts, telling stories, painting with pudding etc. Now it’s  our turn to be creative for ourselves. Just us, nobody else! Let’s plan to escape for a bit. Feel free to imagine you are on that island in the Caribbean you have been dying to go to! It’s our turn to treat ourselves to something that we haven’t done in awhile because we are all too busy being moms. It’s not selfish, it won’t take long and it won’t be expensive. I promise you will feel energized and ready to be the best mom around.  You deserve it!

  1. Read. A trashy romance novel, self- help book or your favorite blog. It will make you happy, and give you a good laugh!
  2. Show some love to your face. Treat yourself to a scrub or mask or just make sure to take off your makeup every night. You will feel refreshed & it will be worth it!
  3. Try a new recipe. Eating leftover PB&J crust and broccoli gets old fast! And yes, dessert counts!
  4. Call a friend (Or your Mom). Texting is not allowed!
  5. Paint your Nails. Even if it is your daughter’s My Little Pony nail polish. Such an easy way to brighten your day!
  6. Have a cup of coffee, glass of wine or that bag of Cheetos- even if it is the middle of the day. Your secret is safe here!
  7. Give yourself a compliment. You deserve it! After all, we all are fabulous moms!
  8. Ask yourself what you are thankful for today. Write it down or start a journal to make it a part of your routine. We have so much to be thankful for!
  9. Practice a Random Act of Kindness. Being kind is good!
  10. Break a sweat. Try a new workout, sit in the sauna or even tear apart a closet. Chasing children around doesn’t count!

I hope you enjoy your “Me-Time”! Whether it is once a day, once a week, or just once a month. Do it! Maybe even add a few to the list, it will be fun. I am going to go have a cup of coffee before my kids get up, and I will be having that glass of wine later! Yay me!

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I'm a small-town girl, born & raised in Ohio. I've lived in Cincinnati since 2003, and am grateful for all of my adventures in this wonderful city! My husband Mike & I have two daughters, Audrey and Josephine. I have been a SAHM since our first daughter was born, which means most of my days are filled with story-reading, adventure-planning and playing dress-up. I love event planning, fashion and make up. Coffee & Reese's Cups are among my favorites as well! One of my sought after hobbies is finding time for "Me Time" (by myself that is)....we all do that right? I look forward to sharing the joys of motherhood with all of you!


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