10 Ways That 3 Year Olds Are Like Frat Boys


3 Yr Old Frat Boys

  1. Put more than one of them in a room together and the noise level increases exponentially.

  2. Within 5 minutes of conversation, the subject of poop will inevitably be brought up.

  3. Within 10 minutes, someone will be trying to show someone their belly.

  4. They are constantly demanding someone get them a new beverage.

  5. They can have a huge fight (verbal and/or physical) and 5 minutes later be completely over it and asking the other one to go outside and play ball.

  6. They feel compelled to announce to the entire room each and every time they have to go to the bathroom and how it went while they were in there.

  7. They get really crabby when they are tired and/or hungry.

  8. They can have an entire conversation with you that made complete sense to them, but of which you only understood two words.

  9. They are perfectly content eating chips off the floor and rarely clean up after themselves.

  10. Their main goal in life to have their basic needs met… and to have fun.

Can you add to this list?  Comment below for fun.



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