5 Ways to Make Your Child’s Holiday Birthday Special


It was around 2:00am on December 25, 2014 when my water broke. After 24 hours of labor we welcomed our little boy into the world. I was happy Charlie waited to be born until December 26 so that his birthday wouldn’t be overshadowed by the Christmas holiday. But let’s face it- December 26 is barely any better in terms of sharing the spotlight.

My family has always been big on birthdays, so the moment we learned Charlie’s due date, I made a commitment to myself to always make a point of separating his birthday from Christmas celebrations. I have a couple more years to perfect his big day, but here are a few pointers I’ve taken from my fellow Mamas of holiday babies:


  1. Make sure your child’s birthday party is a separate event. It’s hard to ask people to attend your child’s birthday party when they have their own family holiday commitments. However, I’ve felt it’s important to make sure that Charlie has his own celebration in honor of his birth, just like his September-born brother would.
  2. Take advantage of family being in town. This year, my Mom is throwing Charlie’s birthday party the day after Christmas while we are staying with her for the holiday. Sure, other family members and friends may not be able to come, but it’s pretty darn special that family we never get to see will be able to help celebrate his special day.
  3. Use different wrapping paper. I loved this tip. To truly separate Charlie’s Christmas presents from birthday presents, someone suggested I buy specific birthday paper and use that only for this birthday party presents. Genius!
  4. Make their actual birthday a family event. So maybe their party doesn’t fall on their actual birthday? You can make sure your child gets some balloons and streamers or their favorite meal on the day of. This way their birthday isn’t overshadowed by other holiday activities.
  5. Celebrate half birthdays. My family never did this growing up, but I do like the idea. Charlie will never get to have a pool party or bounce house in his backyard being born in December. But having a small celebration with friends in the summertime will give him the opportunity to experience birthday fun that he might otherwise miss out on.

Do you have a holiday birthday in the family? What tips can you share for making sure your child’s birthday isn’t overshadowed?

Special thank you to today’s guest blogger, Kaity Stuckert, who is a regular contributor on Dayton Moms Blog.

kaityheadshotKaity’s Bio: I am an Upstate New York native who resides in Southwest Ohio with my husband, Chuck, and son, Charlie (1.5). I spend my days working full-time for a hunger relief non-profit and am currently anticipating the arrival of Baby Boy 2.0 (due August 2016). My evenings are spent with my nose buried in a book and dark chocolate by my side. I write about books, babies, and life’s beautiful blessings on my blog, Beeautiful Blessings.


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