Family Travel Made Simple

Family TravelDisclosure:: This post is sponsored, however we would not partner with a business or service we did not feel brought value to our readers.

Pre-Kids Travel List: Clothes and toiletries in suitcase, passport, backpack with essentials, camera, a book to read and a ton of excitement

Post-Kids Travel List: All of the above, (minus the book because you won’t have time to read), and add in a diaper bag, stroller (sometimes two!), car seat(s), pack and play, baby carrier, a million snacks, a second diaper bag of toys, a few things that you will inevitably forget, and a lot of stress.

Kids change the way you do everything in life. There is so much more to consider, worry about and take with you – especially when it comes to travel. Sometimes it seems as though you end up more stressed by the time you finally make it to where you are going than you would have been had you just stayed home. So, does this mean you should hunker down and forego any and all travel plans until the kids move out of the house? Not only does that sound like zero fun, it is also impractical. So, what is a parent to do?

Well, we have a suggestion for you.

veakidsopening2Vea Kids is a company created by two dads who were tired of all the hassle and stress that traveling with their families caused. They were also disappointed with the selection and inconvenience of the rental products that were offered around the country; not to mention they were gross and sometimes hazardous. (Who can relate to that?!?) So, they decided to do something about it.

Vea Kids strives to make traveling with children easier. They provide top quality, immaculately clean travel gear for families, right at your destination airport. You can shed all of that cumbersome equipment that is essential to have, but now no longer needed to travel with. You simply leave all of your heavy and valuable gear at home or in your car and when you arrive at your destination, they will be there to provide you with all of your travel essentials: car seats, playards, strollers, kid carriers and peapod tents. They also sell essential sundries: diapers, wipes, formula, medicines, creams, squeeze (fruit and veggie) packs, juice and snacks galore. All to ease the burden of traveling with little ones.

The rental prices are very reasonable and well worth the added bonus of beginning your trip with more of that excitement and less of that stress. If that thought isn’t enough to get you to try out this service, they are also offering a SPECIAL DISCOUNT for our readers: 10% off any rental with the mention of City Moms Blog Network.

pic3Currently, Vea Kids is based out of Denver, however they are currently working to expand their services to additional airports around the country. So, bookmark the website,follow their Twitter account and Facebook page to stay in the loop. Because this service is a travel game changer!

 The Journey can be as rewarding as the Destination – Even with Kids.



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