A Day in Our Lives with Kristin Weinberg Photography {Sponsored}

KW_Sponsored Post_TitleCincinnati Moms Blog is excited to be partnering with Kristin Weinberg Photography to bring you the following sponsored review. We believe in endorsing products we value, especially ones we think other Cincinnati moms will appreciate like this one. All opinions are genuine and 100% our own.

Parenting is hard. It’s long days and sleepless nights. It’s marked with milestones, with firsts and lasts. The first step, the first word, the first time you hear them say something you say and you laugh out loud. Or the last night they let you rock them to sleep, the last time they need you to help them get dressed, and the last time they say a word the wrong way because they’ve finally figured it out.

Some of those moments you capture on camera. Some of those moments (if you are like me) you follow your children around waiting and waiting for them to ____ so you can have it saved for a lifetime.  And then, there are the real life moments, the little moments that happen when the camera isn’t rolling. Holding hands, blowing dandelions, doing puzzles on the floor, playing airplane – those are the moments you don’t catch on camera – unless you have Kristin. We were so blessed to have the chance to spend half a day with her – yep, 4 hours! My husband and I both thought this idea was crazy, but upon chatting with her about what on earth she could possibly do in our house for 4 hours, we were sold. (Note: She also does shorter and longer sessions, which I would totally go for – whether a shorter playdate at the park or an entire day, like a birthday or graduation day).

KW_Sponsored Post_4We had the chance to meet Kristin in person before she came to our house, as part of her process. She wanted to get to know us a bit, but also, it was great for our kids to see her face before she came to take the photos. As you might suspect, they kinda freaked out anyway, but she was quick to follow our lead. She showed them the camera and let them “take” pictures, and showed them the practice pictures she was taking as well. Our youngest got really involved with her fairly quickly, but our big kid took longer. He whined and cried, but we went about our business and he got over it and joined in.

So what did we do for four hours with her? We lived our lives. We had our normal, run-of-the-mill Sunday afternoon. We played, we read, we made dinner, we ate, we took a walk, we made popcorn, and we got ready for bed. Nothing fancy, nothing frilly, nothing forced – just us being us. And after the initial novelty of her camera wore off, the kids were just themselves, and so were we. Kristin blended seamlessly into our routine, often sneaking back out of sight to capture some precious moments without any distraction.

KW_Sponsored Post_2You see, parenting is magical. It’s miraculous really. It’s a thousand tiny moments knit into something beautiful, something holy. But sometimes we forget to lean in to the tapestry. We forget that what we see when we stand back took thousands of tiny stitches, hours of meticulous work and care, careful intention and more than a few do-overs. These photos, these candid moments, are a chance to lean in, to look closely at the work that’s being done, the people that are being made in our house – and I don’t just mean our kids, I mean us too.. These photos are our reminder to lean in. To see the miracles that we often miss in the madness. Look closely – you’ll see presence and laughter and joy, learning, and growing, and fun. And well, you’ll see love.

Kristin was able to capture those moments for a few reasons.
1. Because she’s her. She was kind and engaged with our kids, kinda like a cool big sister.
2. Because she’s a storyteller. She clearly had an eye for the story of our lives, because it played out in front of her and she watched closely.
3. Because she’s talented. There are so many moments she caught that I didn’t even know were happening and angles or perspectives she used that made what others would see as ordinary beautiful.

KW_Sponsored Post_1When it comes to parenting, we’re just at the beginning of our work really, but when I see these photos I am able to step back from my close up view for a minute and I can see that we’re creating something beautiful, something bigger than us, and it’s a sight to see. These images are proof, evidence of what I so often forget – that we are doing what we set out to do. We’re raising little people, loving them and leading them the very best we can. There is nothing greater we can do for the world than what we’re doing around our dinner table and in our living room right now. And suddenly, the messes have meaning. We’re doing good work here, and I am incredibly grateful to have these everyday moments captured. These are the moments that make a life.


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