A Shout Out to My Husband


ShoutOutI don’t tell my husband this nearly enough, but he is awesome. We met in elementary school, but we weren’t really friends. Or even, truly, acquaintances. We went to different middle schools, so when we met again in high school it was sort of like meeting for the first time. We started dating in our senior year, ended up at college together, and were married the year after we graduated. It’s safe to say that we have known each other for a while. We’ve grown up together and in many ways that’s a good thing. But with that longevity, I admit, also comes complacency. Even though it’s unintentional, I know there are times I take my husband for granted, and all the things he does. And even though I know I appreciate all those things, he may not. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to shout out to my husband. Without him, my life would be infinitely more boring and exponentially more difficult. If ever there was a chance for him to peer into my brain and try to figure out what all is going on up there, this is it.

Jon, this might get a little sappy, and I know we don’t DO sappy, but bear with me anyway:

I love the fact that you let me do my thing. Before we had kids, I commandeered part of the basement to house my crafting stuff. Scrapbooks (in various states of completion), colorful packets of papers, an array of tools and machines, fabric, sewing machine… the list goes on. Now that we have kids, I still have all that stuff (plus more), and you never truly complain. It’s nice to have a place in our house for me to disappear and just be me.

I love the fact that you try to include me in your hobbies and interests. Yes, I know that I tell you I don’t care much about that car you’re rebuilding. And yes, I know I’ve complained about the amount of space it’s taking up in the garage. But I do actually, in truth, like when you ask for my opinion on things. Or tell me about your latest breakthrough or progress. I may not always come off as enthusiastic, but I am actually pretty amazed that you’re capable of taking an old, non-functioning vehicle and giving it new life. That’s pretty cool.

I love the fact that you let me plan outings, trips, vacations, and more…and then we actually go do them. I really enjoy visiting places with you (and, now, with our family), and I love planning those visits. I’ve always been a researcher and a planner, so I love that you let me take the reins and decide our itinerary. And that you support me when I ask for your input and when I unveil the final plan.

I love the fact that you are in charge of “doing” daycare. Getting Ian ready in the morning while I tend to Hazel, packing both kids into the car, and lovingly depositing them at daycare is a huge weight off my plate. This enables me to get to work earlier, which means I can get home earlier, which in the end means more time with all of you. I treasure that.

I love the fact that you care so much about things that I just don’t care about. The grass. The state of our vegetables and flowers outside. The ability to walk through the living room without stepping on (or over or around) toys. Because you care about these things, you (slowly, by degrees), help me care about these things. And while you are caring about these things and taking care of these things, I can be caring about other things and taking care of those (such as laundry, getting dinner on the table, and keeping our kids entertained).

I love the fact that you eat whatever I decide to cook. Seriously. Sometimes I decide to try a new recipe, or wing it without a recipe, and you just go with it. Sometimes I even decide to try something new that requires YOU to cook it (like the kebabs I encouraged you to grill). Most of the time these new experiments turn out well. Sometimes they don’t. But you go with it anyway and try your hardest to provide only constructive criticism when things don’t go as planned.

I love the fact that you run around with Ian when we go to the park and playground. He loves to climb and slide and run with you, and you oblige (even when it’s hot or you’re tired or you’d really just rather NOT). You encourage his zeal for play, and his resulting joy is infectious.

I love the fact that you are completely smitten with our daughter. She’s not even 3 months new, and she’s got you wrapped around her little finger. Maybe it’s her amazing smile and laugh, or maybe it’s because it’s your second time with this baby stuff, but you’ve done more diaper changing and baby bouncing and peek-a-booing, and I love it. I love to see you interacting with her and finding new ways to play with her.

I love the fact that even though I don’t thank you for all these things, or always show my appreciation for all these things- you keep doing them. And happily.

I love the fact that you chose me. And you chose our family. And you continue to choose us every day. Because I keep choosing you, too, and I wouldn’t want to face this crazy world any other way.


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