The Mamas who make up Cincinnati Mom Collective are incredible in so many ways. Not only are they amazing mothers, each in their own special ways, but they are also a talented, kind and incredible group of women. This page is dedicated to them and the things that they are passionate about.

This is the heart of CMC.

Bake Me Home

I believe that the more children are exposed to serving others, the more they begin to think outside of themselves.  They become more satisfied with what they have and increasingly compassionate to others.

Contributor Amy D.

Hope's Closet

But it’s about more than meeting needs. Making sure these kiddos have clothes is just the beginning. The real work is in recruiting more people to love on and invest themselves in these kids who simply didn’t ask to be in the situation they are in. It’s about reuniting broken families and breaking the cycle that broke them in the first place. It’s about shining light in the dark places and giving hope to the hopeless.

Contributor Casey P.

Tender Mercies

Both homelessness and mental illness make me – and I’m guessing I’m not alone here – uncomfortable. Discomfort with my own privilege tinged with perhaps a whisper of fear that I could lose it is a powerful incentive to look away. But to keep looking away further marginalizes the very people who most need help.

Contributor Jen T.

Matthew 25 Ministries

I want to help creating lasting change in our world, and I want to know that my time and money make a difference.

Contributor Laura S.

One in Cincy

One in Cincy promotes ways to “start the conversation” about race. Ignorance is the enemy of understanding. The more we know and respect about one another, the more unified we all can be. The work of the campaign is focused on uniting our city and loving our city – made up of all different races and cultures.

Contributor Courtney S.

Stray Animal Adoption Program

Happy endings (Happy Tails, they say) are SAAP’s specialty. They are an all-volunteer rescue organization in Northern Kentucky that finds homes for over hundreds of animals a year. They pull animals – even the highest need animals – from shelters, and sometimes, from roadsides or creeks. Volunteer foster families take them into their homes, give them love, training, and veterinary care.

Contributor Maddie F.

Child Life Disaster Relief

Children are often the poster faces of disasters, but are often not the first to receive attention in the aftermath. This makes sense because as a parent, your job is to provide for those basic survival needs first and foremost. We have to keep our kids healthy and safe! Fortunately, there are some organizations dedicated primarily to the support of those children, directly impacted by disaster. Child Life Disaster Relief (CLDR) is one of those organizations.

Contributor Sarah B.

Parental Hope

Parental Hope is a Cincinnati-based non-profit that is operated by volunteers who have been personally impacted by infertility.  Parental Hope’s mission is to help couples battling infertility by raising awareness and helping to alleviate the emotional and financial burden of infertility.

Contributor Kate R.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

My husband’s battle with cancer was incredibly frightening and sometimes I can’t believe that it even happened. What I will never forget, though, is the support of friends and family as well as that of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS).

Contributor Jenny R.

Melodic Connections

Over the last few years, I’ve learned about the Melodic Connections program in Cincinnati, which is a community music therapy studio, providing services to all ages and abilities. The program prepares their students for the community and prepares the community for the students. At Melodic Connections, each voice is unique and each voice will be heard.

Contributor Abby T.

Hope Over Heroin

Conceived over 3 years ago, Hope Over Heroin is an awareness campaign, outreach to the addicted, and faith-based recovery program all rolled into one. As one of the lead Pastors over the program, Billy Price points out, “Drug addicts don’t come to church. So the church has to come to them.” In the three years since, Hope Over Heroin has operated on a tour spanning from Montana to Washington D.C., drawing over 70,000 people in total to their rallies. They call themselves “Hope Dealers.”

Contributor Jennifer H.

Operation Christmas Child

[Samaritan’s Purse] wants to help people all around the world. Operation Christmas Child is just one of the amazing things they do. With the organization, they want to spread the love of Christ to children who may never get a Christmas gift. These boxes literally go all around the world, to some very remote places on the planet. “The power of a simple gift” can change someone’s life.

Contributor Melissa L.

Ohio Valley Voices

Humor me for a moment and think of your favorite sound. Go ahead…what is it? Your baby laughing? The Ice Cream truck two streets over? Your pizza order ready for you to snag from the counter? The words “I love you” spoken so genuinely and sweetly? Now for a moment imagine someone telling you your child will never experience these sounds, things you take for granted each day.

Contributor Tara H.

Eve Center

There is no shame in reaching out for help when you feel like there is nowhere to turn. It’s not a coincidence that Eve Center’s motto is “We’ve been where you are.” Each counselor has been through something in their lives that led them to help others through similar situations. You should never feel like you are alone. Eve Center makes sure someone will be by your side throughout the entire healing process. They did for me, and I’m a much better person because of it.

Contributor Kristin L.


4-H has given my daughter a renewed sense of responsibility and focus.  On those long, cold winter days, she spends hours in the kitchen, carefully testing recipes as she works on 4-H baking projects.  She trials countless muffin and cookie recipes, pursuing her passion while learning new skills and abilities.  Her accumulation of ribbons and rosettes during each fair week has given her confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

Contributor Erin E.

Angel's Paws

Although this particular Saturday was one of the more difficult days in our lives, we felt as though we could finally take a breath, knowing that our dog was not suffering anymore. We were so blessed and touched by the whole experience. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a great company this is and how they can help you or anyone you know dealing with a sick pet.

Contributor Rachel M.

Word Play

The inequities of the societal burden of illiteracy ignited the fire that led to the reading and writing after school and Saturday programs at WordPlay. WordPlay places meaningful opportunities at any children’s fingertips, within their reach and grasp. Any person that passes through its doors is embraced as they are, as well as where they are in life.

Contributor Michele M.


JDRF is committed to finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.They support the best researchers doing the most promising, cutting-edge science to cure, prevent and treat T1D. Some of the research they fund is artificial pancreas, beta cell replacement, glucose control, prevention and restoration among others. In addition, they provide families impacted by T1D with not only the support they need but a family they can be part of that truly understands and is willing to help. 

Contributor Normarys P.

Heartline Ministries - Haiti

In Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the Maternity Center at Heartline Ministries is tirelessly providing dignified and compassionate prenatal, labor, delivery, and postpartum care. Mothers enter into the program at the beginning of their pregnancies where they’re enrolled in weekly prenatal classes that provide medical care, education, and a healthy meal. The women give birth right at the maternity center, or if needed, are transported to a hospital with the center’s ambulance.

Contributor Brittany H.

Compassion International

The thing our family loves so much about Compassion is that they are very transparent about the work they do and how your support is actively helping each child in those communities. They send out periodic emails and newsletters with updates on the regions and the children specifically. They offer volunteer opportunities to come to the country in which your child lives and meet him/her and others in their hometowns. They send updated pictures on how the child has grown and to see that they are well taken care of.

Contributor Courtney S.

Flying Horse Farms

The reality is that there are many kids who don’t get to go to camp due to the needs of their illness. Not only does Flying Horse Farms provide them with the opportunity to put being a kid first for a week, but they also staff the camp with the medical expertise needed to integrate care into the camp experience in a way that ensures both top-notch care and safety as well as minimal disruption for the camper.

Contributor Sarah B.