Africa Series: Your Story Matters


Thank you for following my teachings from Africa toward motherhood and taking the time to reflect upon the series on “Perspective of adaptability {Part 1}” and “Power of community {Part 2}.” In this last part of the series, I want to speak toward the story that you are living and voice that wherever you are on the journey know that it matters and that you are building the strength to continue on in the stages and the seasons to come.

Watching the village life of Kenya showed me the embrace of women who represented different stages of motherhood by loving one another with non-judgment, speaking to one another with positive affirmation, and extending acceptance for the learning curve asked of a woman within their season.


I noticed that regardless of knowledge or skill, that the village stepped in and worked together to build up the confidence of a new mother and to build up encouragement of a mother farther along in parenting years. There was a presence of allowance for what was hard or unexpected and the extended hands of help and of support as one transitioned into their family dynamics allowed one to feel emotionally safe in their village.

The beginnings do not define a mother in how “well” she will fight through the hard, just like the empty nesters stretchings does not end the story that someone has arrived with their parent role. A parenting heart is a continuous outpouring as the relationship deepens and friendship is nurtured.  

Do you see yourself controlled by the stage of your season or finding your rhythm within it?  Wherever you find yourself know this: YOUR story matters & that every day holds a newness to embrace and you have the opportunity for continuous grace.

The presence of positive affirmation:

I loved hearing the consistent voice of “you are the mother and purposed for this child and your family,” echo through my time among these women. This visual of strength amidst the trenches of motherhood extends a protection of heart in the battles. Positive words give a presence in the beat down moments and fill any shadows with light.

You are not defined by what is hard, but are strengthened by it in your season to face the moments with grace and with love.

Do you see your hard as a place of positive or negative spoken words into your story? What you speak to yourself sets the tone for all other relationships in your life.

Know this: YOUR story matters and that even in those hard places, you are enough.

Extend Acceptance:

Differences are something that one must learn how to embrace within this world. One empowers people by embracing their differences. I was so moved by the acceptance, I felt being the only white female in our area and not being defined by what was different, but being accepted from a village of people who intentionally allowed me to transition amidst learning a different culture.

In motherhood, one faces an array of values, beliefs, parenting styles, and the like and it’s a powerful place to extend acceptance for a person being true to their story.

Do you live accepted within your story or do you fight to conform to your environment? Build up your culture you desire for your family and be true to you. Know this: YOUR story matters and you have the power to be at peace with YOU.

Mama, you are doing well learning your season and flowing thru all the ebbs and the flows of motherhood. Give your heart the time to grow slow within it and stay true to your heart as you mother your purposed tribe.

Your Story Matters


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