Why I Love Dirty Dishes


Before you roll your eyes and start thinking “Stepford Wife,” LIAR, or Show-Off, just hear me out! I have (at times through gritted teeth) truly come to love dirty dishes…along with my husband’s dirty socks on the floor…and even doing laundry.

Now, let me explain!  

First, as I mentioned, I just LOVE dirty dishes! Dirty dishes in the sink, peas squashed on the floor, a few noodles stuck to the seat of the chair, and something rather sticky slowly dripping from the table, all point to the fact that my family has food in their bellies. Yes, it means that I, once again, am pulling out the Swiffer and Dawn (total Cincinnati brand loyalty here). But, it also means that nobody in my house has to go to bed hungry or has to worry if we’ll have breakfast the next day. And that, is something that I love and am forever so very grateful for.

Did I also mention that I just love my husband’s dirty socks on the floor?

Yep. Every. Single. Day. Multiple pairs of socks. Who wears more than 1 pair of socks in a day? He does! And, even though there is often quite a bit of muttering under my breath as I scoop to grab them, picking up his socks means that he’s here. His work socks mean that he has a job that provides for our family. And, that he throws them off in a hurry every evening so that he can slip into his running socks to come start the endless dinner, homework, reading and bath routine with me. Do I kind of wish he’d pick up his own socks? Sure! But, his multiple pairs of dirty socks on the floor are evidence of the fact that he’s here and always anxiously rushing to be with us. And that, is something that I love and am forever so very grateful for. 

While I’m on a roll…

Laundry. Uhhh, yeah, I even love to do the laundry… well, I at least love what it means! Aside from the fact that leaving the laundry room door open makes the entire house smell amazing, the fact that we have piles of laundry every week means that we have clothes to keep us warm (and clothes to cover up the evidence of a first pregnancy marked by too many donuts and a twin pregnancy marked by well, too many stretch marks!), clothes for school, work, sports, clothes to sleep in, and clothes to play in!  And even perhaps some that weren’t quite dirty yet, but someone figured it was MUCH easier to throw them down the laundry shoot than to put them away. As I’m folding each load, I try to take the time to pray for and think about the clothes wearers, each in art class or math or running around on a playground getting dirty yet again!  Yes, I do love doing laundry. Because it’s evidence of my busy, crazy, yet wonderful family. That is why laundry is something that I love and am forever grateful for.

The truth, as we all know, is that the mom cycle is endless! Rushing to and from work, dashing around at home…cleaning, organizing, rearranging, disinfecting, cooking and scheduling. Running errands…the grocery, the doctor, the Target stop (okay, that part is awesome), the last minute school needs, and the playdates. Finding beauty in the monotony isn’t always easy. Especially when most of us are running on about 3.2 hours of sleep and tripping over dirty socks to get to bed!  There are really no off days, no sick days, no personal days, no lunch breaks, and frankly no private restroom breaks! But, there is a lot to love in the midst of it and so many moments of absolute beauty within the chaos… if only we can see past the dirty dishes, scattered socks and laundry!


  1. I wish I took more time to enjoy all of those things when they were happening in my home. The time truly does fly, and the children really do grow up way too fast. Wonderful article Laura!


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