April Family Fun {Quarantine Resource Roundup}


Editor’s Note: Spring 2020 is teaching all of us quite the lesson in the importance of flexibility. For 6 years now, we have been publishing our monthly round-up of events. As of our date of publication, Cincinnati (and the rest of the world) is on somewhat of a pause, so we decided to roll with it and in lieu of our typical post chock full of amazing local events, our April post consists of suggestions for family fun close to home. We continue to hope that by the end of April, this list will no longer be as needed and we can get back to enjoying this wonderful city of ours. Stay safe, stay well, and don’t forget to have a little fun along the way as well.

With all of us suddenly being thrown into life stuck at home with work to do, kids to entertain, and kids to homeschool, we all need a little help navigating this new normal. It has been amazing to see our teachers, community members, business owners, authors, etc. all come together to provide us with a plethora of resources to use with our kids during this time. I’ve honestly been a bit overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of social media posts and lists floating around with things to do, listen to, and make. Our team has come together to offer you our personal recommendations of the things we have been using and loving with our own kids.

We hope this helps you find a few new resources and weed through those huge lists.

Cincinnati Mom Collective Team Recommendations:

Casey: Mo Willems Lunch-Time Doodles and Science Mom
Allison: Cosmic Kids Yoga and Scholastic Learn at Home
Kristin: GoNoodle
Jennifer: PBS Kids Daily Newsletter and Great Parks of Hamilton County Parks at Home
Ashley: ABC Mouse and Cincinnati Zoo Home Safari
Elissa: Blue Manatee Virtual Storytime and Busy Toddler
Feliz: McHarper Manor Art Classes
Sarah: National Park Virtual Tours

More Sanity Savers…

  • Do a city scavenger hunt while driving around in your car.
  • Hit up Amazon for a few new activities like letter and number magnets for the littles to play with on the fridge or older kids to practice spelling and sight words.
  • Make a “library fort” filled with pillows and books.
  • Order a roll of butcher paper and tape it to the floor to create a large surface for coloring, stickers, or painting.
  • Check out the CMC archives for some craft suggestions (many of which can be done with things you likely have around your house and/or yard!)
  • Freeze little plastic toys in ice and tell the kids Elsa came overnight. Give them a bowl of warm water and a paintbrush and tell them they have to get their toys out.
  • Start prepping those gardens. Do some weeding while the ground is wet and let the littles find the worms.


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