Assess Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself


Life is flying by us so quickly. One minute we are sitting down unwrapping presents with the kids for Christmas and the next we are already on our summer break frying in the sun. Activities for the kids pull us in every direction, the struggle to succeed in a professional manner as well as obtaining personal achievement has always been an ongoing battle, and the fight for staying fit is something that sometimes feels unobtainable.

There is never enough time for all that we need to do and want to become and do you realize… you never think about it until it’s a holiday or a vacation? Our mind is constantly struggling to keep up with the daily strife of surviving that it rarely has a minute to plan for future success. Sometimes when we do manage to get a minute for us to truly reflect, it causes anxiety that seems to almost be a barrier in ourselves; telling us that we can’t do it or there’s no way that’s possible.

Remember in elementary school how any dream seemed achievable due to the support of a teacher or parent saying, “You can do it! You just need to put in the work, but you can do that!” Our brain needs us to stop and say that every now and then. Stop with the “I don’t have time” or the ” I can’t” negativity that is clogging your mind right now and reflect with me.

What is it that you want to be? Where is it that you want to go? Why isn’t it happening currently? When could it possibly happen? These are the questions that can jumpstart a world of change in your life.

We used to ask them for the biggest things in grade school when we were encouraged to. When people would ask us to answer them daily. We’d apply it through high school as we’d dream of big life plans like college to the smallest desires of asking mom and dad for something. But now that we are those authoritative figures, why is it assumed that these questions are supposed to stop?

No one asks us at social events, “Where do you want to be in 5 years?” because after you have your husband/kids/career, you are marked as complete. If you are not in this completed category, those are the only questions that circulate your life and you begin to assume those are the only goals that matter. What if you’re already there? What if those categories are filled or really don’t hold importance to the grand scheme of your life?

Well, my friend, it’s time to center yourself and practice mindfulness. The act of being mindful is a beautiful way to push out those negative time restrictive thoughts and become a shell of our younger selves, constantly in search of a better us. How do you do such a thing when our mind is drained and being pulled in 1,000 different directions? You steal moments away to assess yourself before you wreck yourself. 

I am a writer, so naturally, I have four methods in which I practice mindfulness (hope journal/certainty calendar/lists/and books). My journal of sketches and thoughts for the future is where I lay out all those things that I would like to create, do, or implement in my/my family’s life. This journal is to assess my hopes for the future. Secondly, I keep a detailed calendar to jot down the things that will happen. Thirdly are lists inside of my calendar. They are the intricate details of the upcoming plans as well as the random thoughts or fears I have about the upcoming events. Lastly, the books are my escape to re-center. I prefer books written on subjects that are currently the core of my stress or to broaden my knowledge of the world around me; aka nonfiction. 

So wherever you are (both mentally and physically), sit down and take a moment. Find the patterns that bring you peace and happiness. Really take your time exploring yourself in an attempt to find all of the needs to function with making the time to ask those important questions. Your family is a priority. Your work is a priority. Both cannot be fully fulfilled until you take the time to be mindful of making yourself a priority. You come first, momma! 

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Danielle was raised in the small town of Highland Heights KY. With influences from across the river she grew up with a passion for sports, the arts, Ballet, writing, hiking, and nutrition. She now resides in the city of Alexandria KY and looks towards the queen city for many of her resources in raising two well rounded little ones. Her marriage of eight years has blessed her with a little girl (7 years old) and a little boy (6 years old). She is currently a stay at home mother and is focused on improving routines for the the family's overall health. She aspires to be the person that other's can rely on and has learned many things about balancing that boundary of self care vs supporting others. Growth isn't just for the children and through her writing she shares her journey.


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