Jeans vs. Yoga Pants…Why I Just Can’t Buy into Athleisure


cmb-jeans-vs-yoga-pantsI was pregnant and/or breastfeeding for about 3 years straight. For awhile, my wardrobe switched between maternity clothes and clothes worn post-partum that aren’t quite maternity, but might as well have been since they’re a few sizes bigger than you were pre-pregnancy. You know the ones. A staple of my wardrobe was yoga pants.  I practiced yoga, so owning yoga pants seemed pretty normal. Wearing yoga pants around the house while taking care of my kiddos also seemed normal, even if I wasn’t practicing much yoga anymore.  They’re comfy, elastic, and stretchy. No need to say more.

Meshing leggings and a top I thought was lingerie. Is she going to the club or running??

Then I returned to yoga after a long break. I embarrassingly realized my yoga pants were way out of style. No one was wearing the flare style anymore. Everyone had those fitted, tight leggings. As I started to shop around for new yoga pants, I also realized that workout clothes had taken a huge step up – in style and in price. There were endless patterns and flashy colors. Tops had holes in them with straps and drapey sides. Yoga pants even had some sort of fish netting on them. Since when had workout clothes becomes so risqué and sexy?! Where have I been?? Oh yeah, in the sleepless bubble that is called raising a baby and a toddler.

As I emerged out of that bubble, I’ve seen more and more women everywhere wearing these super cute, colorful workout clothes. How are so many women managing to work out all day, every day?? If I’m in my yoga pants or running shorts, it’s because I just worked out and am running a few short errands afterwards. Or I haven’t showered and I’m way too tired and running after kids is a workout on its own. And Leggings. What is it with leggings? Now, I love leggings, but with a tunic or something long that covers up my butt. So many women are wearing leggings as pants. With short shirts. Call me prude, but this makes me blush. I feel like it leaves nothing to the imagination. But, to each their own.

Thankfully, I learned a bit from “Athleisure” is the New Black. It makes me feel a little better knowing that everyone is doing it. At the same time, do you remember Mc Hammer pants? T-shirts over long-sleeve shirts? Velour tracksuits? All comfortable trends that we’re glad went away!

Now, I really do appreciate and like to wear athleisure wear.  I just went to the Gap Outlet to get myself ready for the fall. Athleisure wear is cute and I think other people look great and rock the look. Some days, I do put on light makeup and my athleisure wear for school drop off and to run errands. But, I’m not sure I can fully commit to wearing it all day every day. So, for fun, I’m going to refer to a fellow contributor’s post about 5 reasons to embrace athleisure wear and tell you why I just can’t commit.

  1. It is comfortable. Is it really? Yes, I can’t think of anything more cozy and comfy than sweats and a big sweatshirt. But, that’s not the trend. It’s workout clothes. It’s tight tanks and tops, tight sweats and tight pants.  When I go to yoga or workout and wear leggings, I don’t wear underwear because I really dis-like panty lines and thongs are uncomfortable, SO uncomfortable. When I’m working out, the last thing I want to focus on is a piece of material between my cheeks. If I’m running errands or playing with the kids all day, I do not want to wear a thong or go commando. I want to be comfortable, in my full coverage underwear.
  2. It is flattering. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think I look cute, trendy, or attractive. I feel frumpy and awkward. And self-conscious that my butt is jiggling, my muffin top is hanging out, or everyone can see my panty lines.
  3. Tennis shoes are acceptable. This is great, unless you have flat feet that are even flatter after having kids and need constant arch support. I love my running shoes, but I wouldn’t consider them part of the cute athleisure wear. Although what they call “fashion sneakers” are cute and what’s on trend, my feet don’t feel that great after wearing them all day.
  4. Jeans are the worst. Call me a kid of the 80’s and 90’s, but jeans have always and will always be my thing.  Love them. And mentally, I just feel more comfortable being seen in jeans than tight yoga pants.
  5. Sports Bras > Regular Bras. This is true. My boobs are small and I don’t really get a uni-boob look. But, because my mom boobs are small, so small and saggy you can’t even imagine, I need that extra lift and choose to wear a regular bra most days.
Pajamas or errand ready?
Pajamas or errand ready? And please don't look at my butt.
And please don’t look at my butt.

It could be a matter of perspective, personal preference, or even self perception on whether or not you like to rock the athleisure look.  When it comes down to it, we all own some yoga pants. Although, I just heard of one person who doesn’t own a single pair! I won’t name names, you know who you are.) Whether you want to wear your workout clothes to the gym, to get coffee, or the bar, athleisure wear is here to stay for awhile longer. So rock out in your leggings as pants (I won’t judge) or be like me and rock those faded worn-out jeans!

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  1. Wong, I love this read! As a new mother, I often struggle between being the MILF I want to be and a fitted top with matching yoga pants. This article will help me in my daily wardrobe decisions lol I am definitely a lifetime follower of your blog❤️


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