Alex Frost

I am a mom to two sons, ages 3 and 2, with a third son on the way in September. I teach high school communications and English in Cincinnati and do freelance writing in my "spare time". I was born and raised in West Chester and look forward to raising my sons here as well, surround by our Big Fat Greek family, and friends.

Panera’s Pink Ribbon Bagel is Back, and Hits Close to Home

I have eaten every type of bagel at Panera--in fact the cinnamon crunch bagels are probably solely responsible for my last ten pounds of post-baby weight. And once a year a special brand of...

The Toddler’s Bill of Rights in Public Places

It’s been a year since Jane the Virgin star Justin Baldoni posted this picture on Twitter, and it has impacted the way I parent every day since then. Baldoni, standing with his father, watching an epic...

Surviving Vacation with Extended Family

Let’s face it: family can be, well, overwhelming. Especially when you are together for seven, ten, fourteen days after not seeing some relatives for months or years at a time. Here are some...