Allison Leland

Allison Leland
I am a wife and mommy to two sweet girls ages 4 and 10 months. I work from home part-time as an art teacher for a local online school. As a Cincinnati native I love this city and am so thankful to be raising my family here. I love getting creative with my four year old and letting her run wild with paint and lots of other art supplies. I am passionate about encouraging creativity and art making at any age. When I am not crafting or having adventures with my little girls, I love organizing, decorating, shopping for a bargain, exploring new places for family fun around the city, cooking, and searching for local restaurants with great food. I also run an Etsy shop, be tees. by AJB (https://www.etsy.com/shop/AuroraJanesBoutique), with my sister selling screen printed baby and toddler apparel.

National Craft Month: Art for Moms and Kids

March is National Craft Month and it also happens to be Youth Art Month. As an art teacher and mom, I love to craft and create artwork. I am also passionate about sharing that...
Homemade Seasonings

Time and Money Saver: Making Your Own Homemade Seasonings

As a new year begins, many of us resolve to do a whole number of things. Big goals, small goals and everything in between. One of the most popular resolutions is to just be...

Playing in the Snow (Without Going Outside)

During a recent snowy day, I found myself in a bit of a predicament. A sniffly, coughing, teething baby, a toddler starting to come down with the same cold her little sister had, and...

Ideas for Creating Your Seasonal Bucket List

I don’t know about you, but everywhere I turn there are events and activities for kids. There is also an endless supply of ideas to do at home with your kids readily available on...
Fall book rotation

Book Rotation & Favorite Fall Books

There is one thing that I don’t mind taking over my kids play area and that is…books! I am always happy to purchase and receive books for my kids. With that being said, however,...
Home Hacks from the CMB team

Home Hacks from the CMB Team

The CMB team came together to bring you some of our favorite "home hacks." These are things that we have implemented in our own homes and we hope they give you a little inspiration...

What I’ve Learned While Working from Home

When my second daughter was born, I left my full time teaching job in favor of working from home as an adjunct teacher for a local online school. It has been a huge blessing...

Girls Can Do it All

I have two daughters. My house is covered in pink and glitter. They love dolls and princesses. But we also have cars and blocks and footballs and plenty of other “non-girly” toys as well. My...

Outdoor Summer Art Projects

Summer is the perfect time to do some fun art projects with your kids - more specifically, MESSY art projects! Put your kids in their swimsuits, make a mess, and then spray off with...

What a New Mom Really Wants

Well, not counting sleep of course! But couldn’t we all use more of that?!? For most of us, when a friend or family member has a baby we want to help. We may wonder...