I am a born and raised Cincinnatian and love all that this “big-little” city has to offer. Gardening, organization, maintaining life-long friendships and finding new places around town with my daughter; I always like to be busy but am also quite the homebody. Learning to truly find balance in life and being more “wholely” healthy are things I am leaning more into these days… well at least making the effort to.

Prioritizing my Health: Why I Chose to Try a Cleanse {Series}

I am not a New Year’s resolution kind of person but this year I really wanted to focus on being a healthier person.  Not just physically, but as a whole person.  I decided to...

Fall on the Farm ~ Bloom’s and Berries’

We had a great kick off to fall this week at our house. Fall decorations are up, both inside and out. I switched over my glade plug-in scents to the seasonal scent of “sage...

A Big Outdoor Treasure for the Little Ones We Love

I cannot image a childhood of creativity, laughter, and fun without the amazing gift that the outdoors has to offer.  I remember as a child making a fort in the middle of evergreen trees,...

I am an ordinary mom… and I love it.

In fact, to some I am probably a boring mom.  I am not very crafty, though we do embark in art activities from time to time in my house.  I am not a culinary...