Amy Reed

I grew up in northern Ohio, but have lived in Cincinnati for over 19 years. I am a registered dietitian and I have specialized in child nutrition for 20 years. My husband, Scott, and I live in Pleasant Ridge and have 2 boys. I enjoy cooking, exercise, and planning vacations. Our favorite places to vacation are the many beautiful National Parks that our nation has to offer. I work for a local pediatrician and I have my own private nutrition practice specializing in child nutrition.

3 Reasons We Need to Stop “Food Shaming” Kids and Parents

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Choosing National Park Adventures {Over Leisurely Beach Vacations}

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10 Ways to Keep Tweens and Teens Active

As a dietitian who specializes in seeing children and adolescents, one of the most common recommendations I make to families of tweens and teens is to increase activity. In the winter months, many families...

Tips for Picky Eaters at the Holiday Parties

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