Andrea Mirlenbrink

Hello! My name is Andrea! I am a born and raised Cincinnatian, and I currently live on the West Side with my husband and two young children. I went to UC, so in my heart I will always be a Bearcat! I have a Masters degree in English, and I love to write and teach. I currently teach English at Cincinnati State. In my spare time, I like to read, write, and craft with the occasional television binge watching. I also enjoy doing anything Disney-related with my family!

The Rescue We Never Knew We Needed {Heart of CMC}

We said, “No more dogs.” My husband and I had said it countless times, every time it would come up in conversations about pets or a family member would comment how much the kids...

Clean Bedrooms, Clean Conscience

My kids' bedrooms are in perfect condition right now. I cleaned them from head to toe today. Reorganized closets, dusted, linens washed and every toy in its place. At the moment, the bedrooms could...

March guide to Family-Friendly Events {2023}

As time marches right along into the month of March, it is time to start planning for things to do! With the end of winter hopefully around the corner, St. Patrick's Day and classic...

5 Easy and Inexpensive DIY Valentines

The holiday rush is over, decorations are put away (maybe?), the gift-giving is done, the scrambling to find holiday-themed outfits for everyone is no longer needed, and the parties are complete. We can finally...

No Year’s Resolutions

I have never been big on New Year’s resolutions - making them or keeping them. I try to pretend like I do, because who wouldn’t want to do things like live a healthier life,...

Spirit of Christmas Past

As I sit on my couch, watching my kids play in front of the fireplace where stockings are hung by the chimney with care, I am keenly aware of how Christmases like this are...

To Decorate or Not to Decorate?

It is an age-old debate. As stores put out holiday decorations earlier and earlier, Christmas lights glow on houses as early as November, and radio stations play Christmas songs the day after Halloween, the...

A Cincinnati Bucket List

Cincinnati is a city filled with so much to do! So much to do in fact, that even a lifelong Cincinnatian like myself probably hasn’t done it all. In light of this realization that...

The First Five Years {Gearing Up for Kindergarten}

As the end of summer draws near, and I am about to send my first child off to kindergarten, I find myself thinking about these first five years of her life and how different...
chuck e. cheese

Chuck E. Cheese {Still a Place Where a Kid Can be a Kid!}

Are you looking for something family-friendly to do on days when the weather is not ideal? Or, perhaps you are searching for the perfect place for a birthday party or fundraiser. If so, I...