Blair Shertok

Blair Shertok

I’m the CIO (Chief Isolation Officer) in My Family

There are very few things I’m good at. I can carry a tune and if I’m on your bar trivia team, we have a decent shot at winning. That's mostly it. I can’t cook...

I Miss the Mall

Back in the early ’90s when I was a kid, the mall was where my family would go almost every weekend. I don’t remember too many specifics but the things that stick out the...

The Princesses on Plus

A few weeks ago, a friend asked me if I would let my child watch Cinderella and similar princess films on Disney+, Disney’s new streaming service. She feared the central “damsel in distress” theme...

When You Wish a Jewish Family a Merry Christmas

“Merry Christmas!” “Is your baby excited for his first Christmas?” “I can’t wait until your son sits on Santa’s lap!” Above are examples of phrases and questions I’ve heard from strangers, acquaintances and our family medical practitioners...

My Funky Mom Dress Code

  I’m the mom at school dropoff wearing a Space Jam Tune Squad spirit jersey. The one who usually disregards the “casual wear” section at department stores and heads straight for the juniors or activewear...

The 80/20 Rule

Having a healthy lifestyle is a priority for me. It took a few years to figure it all out but I feel like I’ve reached a place where taking care of myself has become...

Back-to-School Season is a Fresh Start for Mom, Too

I’m someone who loves a clean slate. To me, every Monday is an opportunity to start living anew and remedy bad habits. I’ve mentioned before how I’m fortunate to have two opportunities for New...

My IG: Just for Me

I love Instagram. Maybe a little too much. One might take a gander at my Instagram profile and see a lot of one thing: me. If you only knew me from that profile, it...

This Summer, I Plan to Be a Homebody

At the tail end of summer last year, my son started walking. I crammed visits to as many splash pads and playgrounds as I possibly could in those last few weeks before Labor Day. This...

A Jewish Mother’s Conflict

When I was in 5th grade, my school took an overnight trip down to Key Largo where we stayed in bunks at a state park and learned about marine life. One day, our class...