Casey Purnhagen

Parenting is a long journey to learning that we're neither alone or enough. The more firmly we cling to those truths the sweeter it becomes.

A Mom’s Guide to Recreations Outlet

Sun-sensitive? Wind-resistant? Cold-averse? Allergy-ridden? Hot-bodied? Or maybe you just like a good time? Then Recreations Outlet is for you! This local, family-owned business has been around more than 25 years, and if you’ve been...

Welcome to Motherhood

Baby Sister, Welcome to motherhood. It’s the most difficult and rewarding job in the world and one that you will fail and succeed at every single day. And so, before I share with you the...
Family Friendly St. Louis

Family-Friendly St. Louis {A Visitor’s Guide}

  Whether you're from Cincinnati or anywhere in the midwest you've probably made a list of other midwest cities you'd like to check out with your kids. Us too! Having a chance to explore a city...
Wholly Veggie

No Pressure Ways to Help Kids LOVE Vegetables {+ Make-Ahead Breakfast!}

Kids and vegetables don't always mix, but it's not for lack of trying. You can read books and make baby food from scratch and somehow they might still prefer crackers every single time. My...
Tidying Up

Tidying Up Isn’t So Life-Changing

It's the season for diet crazes, words of the year, and the fascinating but not-so-life-changing idea of tidying up, made popular by the Japanese author Marie Kondo. After watching the show I can confidently say...

Blessing Bags + Printable Checklist to Make Your Own!

Blessing Bags have been one of the best ways we have found to engage our children in the act of giving. They plan, purchase, and pack the items with us and when the opportunity...

Mom Struggle: Resentment

I totally resent my husband. Yep, the sweet and wonderful man I married – I simply want to strangle him sometimes, and it makes me miserable. Here’s what happens (maybe you can relate)… He showers alone...

Mom’s Guide to Menstrual Cups

It was the summer of 1992. I was at church camp and my period came for the first time. The nurse was a 45-year-old man who was totally unprepared and overwhelmed, as was I....

My First Mammogram: What You Need to Know

I turned 35 last year and the number of white hairs on my head and the mirror confirm what most people dread: getting older.  But not me. As I laid in bed on my...

When Grown Ups Get Ugly {A Tale of Open Enrollment Chaos}

Kindergarten is coming this fall, whether I like it or not. Our district is small, and they offer only a full day program, which is 7 hours long (and an 8.5 hour day if...