Caylin Hunault

I am a twenty-six-year-old momma to a crazy & wild (yet also cuddly and sweet) five-year-old boy! I live in the East side of Cincinnati in a little house that my husband, son, and I make a home. I work for a local cleaning company and attend UC for Special Education. My son has non-speaking autism and a rare brain malformation called Polymicrogyria. He inspired me to write and self-publish a Children's picture book that starts the discussion with kiddos about nonverbal communication methods (sign language, body language, PECS, AAC devices, etc.). In my free time, I enjoy completing DIY projects, adding more houseplants to my indoor "jungle", doing home renovations, writing, and learning new skills. Currently, I am interested in learning wood working! I am passionate about spreading awareness on topics such as mental health, special education, inclusiveness, and the amazingly crazy job that is motherhood!

You Are Worthy Just as You Are Today

As a mom, I constantly struggle to keep up with the perfect lives portrayed on social media. You know what I’m talking about - the beautiful leggy blondes who live in perfectly clean and...