Claire Furbay


The Night I left My Phone Upstairs

Like many other Saturday nights before, my family had decided to have a family movie night complete with popcorn, sleeping bags on the floor and random bags of candy picked up from the closest...

Motherhood at Dusk {Series}

It's no secret that I absolutely love pictures, whether they are taken on an iphone or by a professional. So when I was approached with the opportunity to have a photographer from come...

Perspectives in Parenting: All Day PreK & Daycare

As a working mother, finding childcare that is acceptable and affordable for my two little ones is always a top priority. Childcare a necessity for working families, it can be hard to find a...

Working Mom Guilt: Can’t Live with It, Can’t Escape It

Mom guilt.  I know all moms experience it at some point, but lately mine has been kicking into overdrive with the end of summer practically here, my babies’ upcoming birthdays rapidly approaching, no more...

Perspectives in Parenting: Why I Had to Sleep Train My Baby {Series}

I never thought I would be one that has to sleep train their child. What does that even mean anyways? To be incredibly cruel and force your child to cry themselves to sleep? I...

Are You Going To Try for a Girl?

Shortly after celebrating my oldest son’s first birthday, the question that everyone was inevitably asking was: When are you going to have another baby? Truth be told, I was feeling the itch to have another cuddly...