Danielle McKinney

Cincinnati native. Wife to Chad. Mom to Madison, Noah, and Lydia. Runner. Coffee lover. Almost 5 years ago, I waved goodbye to my career in public accounting to stay home with the kids. When I'm not being the chef, ref, chauffeur and cheerleader, you'll find me running loops around my neighborhood or enjoying a quiet dinner and gelato with my sweet husband.

The Day I Needed an Appendectomy

It was 3:30am Sunday morning. I woke up to excruciating pain in my stomach. EXCRUCIATING. I got up and went to the bathroom, I felt a little better. I gingerly climbed back in bed,...

10 Reasons I Procrastinate

A few weeks ago, my 4th grader had a project due for Entrepreneur Day. This was not my first experience with Entrepreneur Day, so I knew what was coming. Teacher friends, please skip this sentence,...

Different Kind of Self-Care

Self-care is a hot topic right now. They say moms need it. And maybe we do. But I think they've convinced us that it needs to be in neat little packages. That it needs...

10 Simple Ways to Save Your Grocery Budget

The New Year is when people often reflect and determine they are going to make changes in certain areas of their life. One of the areas I really wanted to focus on going into...
Real Life: What is Actually Looks Like

Real Life: What Does it Actually Look Like?

We don’t often talk about what real life looks like, do we? On Facebook, we certainly don't see people's actual dirty laundry piled up, or a sink full of dirty dishes. There are days when...

New to the Instant Pot? Make These Four Things Today!

Attention Instant Pot Newbies Mom 1: Where do I go to learn more about what things I can do with my Instant Pot? Mom 2: Pinterest! Mom 1: *under her breath* not helpful… Sound familiar??! Honestly, I resisted joining...
5 Slow Cooker Recipes

5 Simple Slow Cooker Recipes for Fall

It’s starting to really feel like fall out there! Fall is when we really settle in. The amazing crisp, cool air gets us craving Friday Night Lights, Sunday afternoon tailgates, and just simple warm...
Dirty Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte

{Dirty} Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte

We're kind of coffee snobs. We have a fancy espresso machine. My husband roasts green coffee beans weekly because good coffee=fresh coffee. We only use spring water in our beloved machine. Go ahead and...

10 Things I Wouldn’t Want to Mom Without

This Momming gig is HARD, isn’t it? Stealing “me time” isn’t always possible for me, especially in a big chunk at a time. I do try to steal a minute here and there when...

It’s More Than Glasses

Did you know that August is National Eye Exam Month? I know it seems that every time we turn around, it is National This or That Month or Day. I get it. It's hard...