Emily Galloway


The Turning Point of Turning 5

I'll be honest, when my firstborn turned 1 year old, I was relieved. We made it through the trauma of childbirth, the adjustment of no sleep, the ever-changing nap routines, and transition from bottles,...
be careful what you post

Be Careful, Dear Parents, What You Post

Am I the only one who has experienced the humiliation that is....GULP...Facebook Memories?? I'm not talking about those sweet pictures of your newborn. I'm talking about that weird status from High School that was...
frog in boiling water

A Frog In Boiling Water

There is an often-used metaphor about a frog in boiling water that goes like this :: A frog thrown into boiling water knows to jump out, while a frog placed in a pot of...

Disney for a Day {The Trip I’ll Never Forget}

Since my husband and I were dating, we have dreamed of leaving the wintry Ohio for somewhere - ANYWHERE - warm on an absolute whim. We dream of hopping in the car and driving...

Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Family

I think many would agree that Valentine’s Day is one of the most commercial days of the year, but nonetheless, I’m kind of a sucker for it. I’m not a huge celebrant but I...

The Guilt of a Failed Pet Adoption

This past summer, we decided to adopt a dog. We had been thinking about it for a while, but we sort of clumsily and quickly made the decision to add a new pet to...

Wrestling with Toxic Self-Improvement

Recently, I have been introduced to the phenomenon of toxic self-improvement. It might not be so hard to see this pan out in the workaholic, the fitness freak that teeters on extremism, or the...

An Folksy Autumn Playlist {10 Artists for the Season}

So many of us in the midwest love when hot, suffocating days give way and we feel the sigh of relief that is autumn. Though trees are dropping their leaves and there are many...

The Hum of Anxiety {Pushing Back on the Hustle Culture}

A friend, who is also a therapist and social worker, said something a few months back that has stuck with me. After several people and myself in our group text complained about our mounting...

TMI Parenting {Finding Your Truth in the Information Age}

We are in, what feels like, the height of the information age. There is an endless wealth of knowledge at our fingertips. As a parent, it's been helpful in many ways to have so...