Erin Iles

I'm a Christian wife and mother of four charming, tough and funny boys. I have had the privilege of living in the Greater Cincinnati area my whole life. Despite our bitter winters, humid summers and the wacky weather in between, I couldn't pick a better place to raise my family. I'm a Kentucky girl who roots for the UC Bearcats and describes where I live in Independence as "just south of Cincinnati" to out of towners. My family is avid NFL and MLB fans and we support our Bengals and Reds through the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Magic of Reheated Pizza

The other night my husband and I got dressed up for a spectacular and well-overdue date night. We went for a nice dinner that didn’t include crayons or a kid’s menu. We shared a...

Daughter of an Addict

I grew up in a small house in Covington, Kentucky. Two loving parents, an older brother, a pet cat. We always had what we needed, got some of what we wanted, but never went...

Having a Fourth Child Made Me a Better Mom

A few weeks ago, I stopped by the park with my 3-year-old (aka my fourth child). He insisted on wearing his Batman rain boots that morning and I guess he knew something I didn’t...

The Best Job

This evening, I made dinner. Yes, just like every other night in between driving kids all over the place or making arrangements to get them where they needed to be, I made dinner. This...

When The Time Comes, I Hope They Remember

A few weeks ago, my three oldest boys and I went up to King’s Island to stand around for a couple hours awaiting an announcement of a new coaster coming to the park. Doesn’t...


Nine is before cell phones but after Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Nine is in the sweet spot of Disney made-for-tv movies. Nine is the perfect bridge between thirteen and three. The 13-year-old wants nothing to do...

Today, I Forgave a Stranger

I have been walking two miles every morning while my son is at swim practice. Today, I ran 3/4 of a mile of that walk. Six and a half years ago, I would run. I...

A Letter To My First Teenager

Thirteen years ago, I was expecting you. A baby boy. My first born. My first son. When I dreamed of who you would be, it was a player. No, not the kind that dates...

1 in 4 is Just a Statistic Until You’re the One

One in four is just a statistic until you’re the one. I never dealt with my miscarriage until many years later. I was trying for my fourth baby when I finally began to mourn the...