Hannah Scott

I was born and raised on the east side of Cincinnati. When I left to pursue a music therapy degree in Kansas City, I didn't think I would be returning…..but five years later, I changed my tune! Now I spend my days as a freelance writer and a mama bear to my own baby boy, Shiloh. In my tiny slivers of free time, I love indulging in iced coffee, hot baths, and long books--preferably all at once.

I Finally Understand My Mother

They say you’ll never forget the moment you become a mother. I experienced it ten months ago when I first held my son, and I agree - it was something special. They also say that...

36 Hobby Ideas for Busy Moms

  If you've been around mom blogs for more than ten minutes, you've probably seen an article or two that goes something like this: "I feel like I've lost myself since becoming a mom. I used...

Parents: Here’s What the Nanny Wants You to Know

The sharp, staccato sounds of piano practice drift into the kitchen. My little guy is playing a rough rendition of "Mississippi Hot Dog" for the third time--still not quite right, but better than yesterday....

Mommy Needs a Meltdown

This is not the article I had intended to write. My original plan was to finish up a charming little piece called "Mommy Needs a Mantra," and it explained how I often use positive affirmations...