Jennifer Hunter

Hello Cincy Moms! I'm Jenna, married almost 6 years to my sweetheart. Mom to two boys that are only 13 months apart at almost 2 and almost 3. Life can be pretty crazy, messy, but oh so exciting! We are newbies to Cincinnati coming from pretty much all over Florida with a quick stint in Charlotte. I have to say we love Cincinnati, it is AWESOME for kids! When I'm not chasing my boys, I'm eating chocolate, exploring or worshipping my Savior. Lots of Love!

An Open Letter To Pregnant New Moms

It's okay... It's okay to not have it all figured out yet - you probably never will. It's okay if you don't want a home birth, water birth, or natural delivery without an epidural. And it's...

Heart of CMB: Hope Dealers

Did you know that nearly 60,000 Americans died last year, due to one thing? Did you hear me correctly: according to the NY Times, nearly 60,000 Americans? That one thing has now become the...

Break the Useless Mold

In a rush to keep your kids from missing out...they miss out! What has happened to our society? I feel like everyone is running around in circles (with their heads cut off) to throw the...