Jennifer Amazon

I grew up in Wilmington, OH but am a Cincinnati girl at heart. I attended The (BEST) Ohio University, after which I met and married my husband of 18 years. After 2 kids (a 13 year old boy and a 8 year old girl) and 2 moves (Portland OR and Greensboro NC) we are back in our hometown and enjoying all Greater Cincinnati has to offer. As a contributor, I hope to pass on my love for this town and remind everyone that parenting is a messy business that is best dealt with a sense of humor, a stiff drink and a supporting cast of family and friends as crazy as you are

Kid Responsibility Poll: What Would You Do?

My 13 year old lost his retainer over the weekend. I took him back to where he lost it. I sat and waited while he looked through multiple bags of garbage at a local...
Telling lies

I am a Big Fat Liar (and I am OK with that)

I am a liar. Not a day goes by as a mom that I don't lie. Sometimes it is a little white lie. "Yes, I see. That is the best cat drawing I have ever...
Nostalgia Gone Wrong: Movies

Nostalgia Gone Wrong: When Sharing Becomes a Parenting Fail

I love, love, love sharing old books, music, TV and movies from my childhood with my kids. It is the most amazing thing to share a childhood favorite and watch your child connect with it on the same...
Date Day for the win

Relationship Tip: Plan a Date Day for the Win

My fabulous MIL offered to babysit this weekend so we could go out to celebrate our 18th (!) anniversary. We turned her down. Now before you all panic and say we are crazy, I offer you...
A Tale of Two Traditions

The Tale of Two Holidays

Nineteen years ago this April, this non-religious woman married a Jewish man and we set out to create a new set of holiday traditions. At first, since I brought very little to the party,...
Black Friday dos and donts

Black Friday Do’s and Don’ts… But Really, Just DON’T

I am a former retail professional and I hate Black Friday. There I said it. I hate it. Years of rude people, the annoying dueling chorus of Dancing Santas and Billy the Bigmouth Bass,...
Gift of Life

Giving the Ultimate Gift this Holiday Season

In the summer of 2014 I received a phone call from an organization called Gift of Life. Gift of Life is one of many non profit organizations that collects cheek swabs and uses that DNA...
Hoarding Child vs Organized Mom: Who Will Triumph?

Hoarding Child vs. Organized Mom: Who Will Triumph?

I like things organized. Neat. Just so. There is a good chance my gravestone will read "Don't forget to put away your things." My family and friends know this. They know I can't go...
The Most Dreaded Word to Come Out of My Kid's Mouth: Whatever

The Most Dreaded Word to Come Out of My Kid’s Mouth

Whatever. When said in a flat monotone or a sarcastic sneer and accompanied by a fierce eye roll, it sends me over the edge. I can handle attitude and whininess and even a bit of profanity...

What I learned from Erma Bombeck

For Mother's Day this year, my husband gave me tickets to see a play about the life of Erma Bombeck. If you are unfamiliar with her, here is a short bio: Humorist, writer, columnist and...