Kate Mock Elliott

Kate Mock Elliott is a wordsmith, theatre artist, musician, and designer based out of Cincinnati, OH. She has two young children who fill her heart with love and her head with all the worst-case-scenarios that she can never protect them from. She has a critically-acclaimed one-woman show called seXmasCards, because why wouldn’t you talk about sex in your Christmas cards? She fuels the capitalist machine as a marketing professional for a construction firm, and volunteers on her Community Council and with her Unitarian church.
Santa with an expression of surprise

We Don’t Do Santa {A Christmas Confession}

Through the years, my spouse and I have incorporated a few parenting practices that baffled friends and family. Homemade baby food. Limited kid photos on social media. Cloth diapers. Scientific conversations about anatomy. Reactions...

Make it a Green Halloween

I love fall but Halloween is my least favorite holiday - and I don’t think it’s because I’m a scaredy-cat. As a family that works hard to avoid both sugar and single-use plastics, there...

Lord, Help the Sister {The Bond of Sisterhood}

Sisters, sisters, There were never such devoted sisters. Year after year after year. Side by side, singing and dancing along while White Christmas played in the background - a family tradition. Me, the middle child singing...

Which Road Trip Personality Are You?

There is a family vacation paradox: We pursue family vacations to achieve togetherness and relaxation. And yet the getting there and getting home often leave us peeved and stressed. I come from a long line...

I Do Believe in Fairies! {International Fairy Day and the Power of Belief}

I am a child of fairytales, for better or worse. Beautiful ball gowns, mysterious magic spells, and romantic happy endings - as a child I consumed copious quantities. From picture books with vibrant images...

The Lonely Child {Understanding What Our Kids Are Going Through}

It is a Wednesday, approximately 12:25 p.m. I am trying to focus on the words coming out of the therapist’s mouth, trying to mentally record everything so that I can bring it home and...

It IS Easy Being Green: Local Resources for Your Journey to Sustainability

I came to a realization about six months into motherhood: Kids are terrible for the environment. Diapers, wasted food, art supplies, broken plastic toys, driving them all over this great planet... the list goes...

Daily Dose of Disappointment {Shifting Your Perspective}

Growing up, I was... spirited. I used the phrase, “It’s not fair!” so much that, 30 years later, I still cannot live it down. My scream was labeled “The Katie Alarm.” Readers, I burst...