Kim Meyers

Originally from New England, my family moved to Pennsylvania before settling in the Cincinnati area. After my family moved away, I made my way across the river to Northern Kentucky, now my forever home. My husband Rusty and I have four children, Molly, Spencer, Rogan, and Emmett, as well as our two cats. I'm a registered nurse now doing the stay at home mom bit. I love raising my children in the Cincinnati area, where there is so much to offer. I'm a Skyline chili loving Reds fan who enjoys zoo trips, watching my children unleash at the children's museum, and finding peace watching airplanes at the CVG airplane viewing area. Coffee and humor get me through these crazy days with small children.

School Closure During a Pandemic: How You Can Help

March 11th, 2020, the World Health Organization characterizes COVD-19 as a pandemic. On the same day, our school district sent an email stating, “Starting Monday, March 16th up to Monday, April 20th, instruction will be...

My 20 Mom Truths

As a mom of four, I have learned a lot in a short time. I am by no means an expert. My oldest is only 9, and so I know I have years of...

The Damage in Empty Promises

In nursing school, I learned a lot about communication. When dealing with patients, we learned how to be an encourager and give hope through various forms of therapeutic communication. Therapeutic communication was especially useful...

Why Moms Are Superheroes

The words on my newest mug say, “super mom.” My daughter picked it out at her school’s Penguin Patch, a program that allows children to shop for their families. Knowing my love for coffee,...

Making Memories with Wall Calendars

Throughout my life, there was one gift that remained consistent during Christmas. It was a gift my brother, sister, and I expected. And though we knew what that flat square was in our mom’s...

Teddy Bear Towels: Adorable, Easy, and Affordable Gifts

I once received a gift for helping with my sister-in-law’s baby shower. A crafty woman, she came up with a unique but adorable gift for the hostesses. Shaped into a teddy bear, she gifted...

Putting Motherhood Into Words

Describe motherhood. Can you? When faced with the question to describe motherhood, I freeze. How can one put this into the right words? Are there any words that do it justice? I find myself staring...

Parenting After Loss As a Rainbow Baby

In May of 1980, my parents got married. They recently celebrated 39 years of marriage. Like all couples, they had plenty of ups and plenty of downs. Almost immediately after they were married, they...

10 Tips, Tricks, and Advice for Making Mom Friends

I learned, early in motherhood, friends were vital to for my mental health. Motherhood can be isolating and lonely. The challenge can be finding friendships. As a shy person, I had to push myself out...

Lessons in a Plush Placenta

As parents, we embrace and foster each of our child’s interest. Sometimes, we find ourselves baffled at what sparks our child’s interest or what becomes an attachment. We expect the teddy bears, blankets, or...