Kristin Latchaw

Kristin Latchaw
I am a born and raised Cincinnatian, and I love this city and everything it has to offer. I'm married to my wonderful husband, Joe, and our daughter is a spunky, opinionated toddler named Rozlyn. I was raised a West Sider, but moved northeast shortly before marriage. My husband teases that West Side roots run deep, and I cannot go anywhere without seeing someone I know! I love exploring the city with my little family. Some of the most fun we have had together is when we just get up and see where the day takes us. I am embracing my current role as a SAHM and constantly learning as I go!
Red flowers in front of the main Dollywood sign on Showstreet at Dollywood Amusement Park

Dollywood’s Pre-K Season Pass: Fun All Season Long!

This post is written in partnership with Dollywood and Dollywood Splash Country. We only partner with businesses we think will bring value to our readers, and we feel this sure will with their Pre-K...

Not Your Grandma’s Quiet Public Library

I have vivid memories of the public library growing up. I remember making the half-mile trek from my elementary school in kindergarten down the semi-busy street to our local library. Once there, we all...

Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort: Family Friendly Mountain Fun

This post is part of a sponsored partnership with Dollywood's DreamMore Resort. We are excited to highlight this resort and share our experience with our readers! If you have lived in Cincinnati for any period...

Millennial Moms are Obsessed With Disney: Here’s Why

Millennial moms (born 1981-1996) are obsessed more than ever with Disney. It seems to be everywhere nowadays. Walking through a clothing store you might notice the Disney section in the women's department is almost...

West Side is the Best Side: Growing Up on the West Side of Cincinnati

There are many jokes about East Side vs. West Side in Cincinnati. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard most of them.  The West Side (Bridgetown, Cheviot, Monfort Heights, Delhi, Colerain, Harrison, and Western Hills) is mostly...

Bring Back the Boy Bands of the 90s!

I was sitting in band class, the year was 1999. My best friend was homeschooled, so her mom dropped her off just for band then picked her up afterward. When I entered the room,...

Making Friends with Mommy Business Cards

I was listening to the radio one day when the little news snippet came on. The topic for this segment was about a new trend called "Mommy Business Cards." I was intrigued, so I...
Blooms and Berries Fall on the Farm

Blooms, Berries, and Beer! Fall on the Farm is Fun for Everyone!

Autumn is here! It seems like I wait all year for this season, and when it finally comes I want to do all the fun fall things. One event that should be on everyone's...
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How to Back-To-School Meal Plan Like a Pro + Recipes!

Meal planning is kind of a passion of mine. I've been doing it every single week for the last 6 years, so now it is second nature to me. I find such peace of...

Please, Stop Calling Your Kids Bad

"Don't eat that banana. It went bad and you have to throw it away." "The weather outside is bad today. You can't go out to play." "The batteries went bad in that toy, so you cannot play with it." Bad.  The...