Laura Simon

Laura Simon
I'm a writer, a former teacher, a newbie homeschool mom, a crazy runner, an experimental cook, a voracious reader, a wife, and a mom. I'm addicted to chocolate, peanut butter, and sweet potato chips from Aldi. I feel only slightly guilty telling my kids they can't watch TV and then tuning into The Bachelor after they go to bed. I write to make sense of all the crazy rolling around in my brain. Thanks for reading what I have to say. If you'd like to read more, visit me at laurajsimon.blogspot.com.

Working Doesn’t Make Me a Better Mom

Over the years, I’ve heard more than a few women declare that “working makes me a better mom.” I don’t doubt that they’re telling the truth, but after almost six years of trying to...

Hey Victoria’s Secret… THIS Is What Boobs Can Do

I’ve spent the last two weeks weaning my one-year-old baby. My last baby. I’ve spent the last two weeks feeling my breasts fill with milk for the last time. And I’ve spent the last...

Beyond Cincinnati: The Dayton Aviation Trail

Cincinnati friends - let’s talk about that town to our north. No, not Columbus. Closer. Let’s talk about Dayton. Some of you are just like me - you grew up there and you are...

The Other Conversation We Should Be Having

Let me start by making three things very clear: One, Brock Allen Turner is a rapist without remorse. I am as horrified as you are by his behavior and the subsequent gross failure of...

Not Slipping Through My Fingers

My daughter, Violet, was nineteen months on Friday, and every day she is more little girl and less baby. She still has rolls, but they are the shapely rolls of a tiny human instead...

I Ran the Pig…and It Was Awesome

This morning I ran a half-marathon. Seriously. It is kind of hard for me to believe, too, especially because six months ago, I couldn’t run a mile. I had three kids in four years;...

Curly Girl: How I Learned to Handle (and Love) My Hair

I haven’t always been a curly girl. My hair started its life with a little wave and a whole lot of tangles. For much of my childhood, my mom kept it short because that...

The Real Victims of Heroin

You’d be hard pressed to find someone in Cincinnati who hasn’t in some way been impacted by heroin. If you don’t know anyone personally, you probably know someone who knows someone who has let...

Heart of CMB: Matthew 25 Ministries

On March 11, 2011, I woke up to images of a catastrophic earthquake in Japan. Picture after picture broke my mama heart. Every face I saw could have been mine; every shattered home, every tattered...

Fighting Back: On Walking the Line Between Protecting Innocence and Being Prepared

I was in college when Columbine happened, and I vividly remember hours in front the TV in a rental living room with my roommates, watching it unfold and trying, in horror, to wrap our...