Melissa Long

I have a small 3 person family- my 6 year old little girl, Ellie and my husband Matt. I have 3 fur babies, my dog Jack-Jack ( Dachshund) and my two cats Harry and Mickey. I have battled infertility for a while, and I am willing to talk with any woman in the same battle. I work Full time and a University of Cincinnati student. I'm finishing up my Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education! Never too late to go for a dream folks. In my free time, I enjoy: church, all things Disney, reading, writing and quiet times with my family. I'm a simple girl! It does not take very much to make me happy. You will see me at the grocery store with my messy bun and yoga pants on, that's for sure.

5 Ways to Manage Anxiety in This Uncertain Time

I want to help my fellow moms who may be suffering from anxiety, too. Coronavirus has completely rocked our world (and honestly, that's a severe understatement). Everything from schools/daycares being closed, jobs laying off/closing...

3 Reasons Mommy is Getting Her Bachelor’s Degree

  “Would it be crazy?” Me, literally asking my husband about going back to college. "Nope," he assured me. He never, ever told me I was crazy. He hates it when I doubt myself. I had many...

Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Lazy Moms

Yep. I'm a lazy mom. However, I want to create lasting memories for my daughter, Ellie. We have 'Buddy' the elf who comes to visit from the North Pole during the holiday season. But...

3 Reasons I Loathe Black Friday

I use the word loathe very seldom because it's such a strong word. But I LOATHE Black Friday. There is nothing else I hate more than people putting shopping before family. I always feel bad...

4 Ways to Set Boundaries

Relationships are messy. Like, really, REALLY messy. Relationships are so hard, especially when the person does not take into account your boundaries. It can be someone really close to you, such as a family...

5 Tooth Fairy Ideas for the Lazy Mom

During dinner one night, my daughter Ellie freaked out while eating corn-on-the-cob. Mommmmmyyyyyy my tooth feels funny."  Welp, it was loose, and it was time for Momma (aka the Tooth Fairy) to come up with a...

Fall Festivals

We have decided that Fall really should be at least a month longer than it is. There is SO much to do and it's such a fun time of year. If you are looking for...

My Anxiety is Not Like Yours

Yours isn't like mine either... I wanted to open up and talk about a taboo topic, anxiety.  This makes me feel vulnerable. Weak. Not good enough. All those lies that I tend to believe about myself....

10 Great Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

Fathers can sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to their special day! Why should Moms get all the attention?! Well, I decided to create a list of crafts to...

Being Motherless on Mother’s Day

My Mom died on December 16, 2007 after a long battle with complications from diabetes. She was so young, only 47. Even though it has been almost 12 years (wow), I still struggle with...