I am born and raised in Cincy but was originally an East sider until I moved to Clifton in the early nineties where I went to college. I reside in the Clifton Gaslight with my hubby of 20 years and our 3 boys. I am a full-time nurse. I consider myself an urban homesteader with a large veggie garden, compost, and 5 rain barrels. I absolutely love my life and community in Clifton. My life with 3 kids at 3 different schools has gotten busier than ever. 2 of my boys are teenagers too, which is quite the odyssey. We are home bodies who focus on life around the family and the 3 dogs. I couldn't be busier but I couldn't be happier!

When Mom Gets In The Way Of Family Fun

This past Sunday was the absolute epitome of a mom FAIL.  We had the day together as a family, which is quite rare for us in this two job, three boy world of mine....

“Doing Everything Right (Except For Me)”

Things are going well in my life. I turn 46 soon and my 3 boys are up and running like the dreamy kids I always wanted before I took the plunge and got married. We...

The Sunglass Life

The Unexpected Benefits of Photosensitivity I just need to say that sometimes I am outright hiding from the world. People perhaps think I forgot to take my sunglasses off as I enter the wherever I...

Notes From The Mom of a Bully

In our household, bullying has always been something that happened to other people or families. We have seen it first hand at our kids’ schools and have grimly watched its subtleties in our society....

Gardening as Therapy

As parents, we made a commitment to raise our 3 boys to embrace nature and to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Luckily, our home abuts 70 acres of a dedicated nature preserve....

Recess Before Lunch

I never thought of myself as a mom who would lead the charge for big change at our boys' school, but this was exactly what I found myself doing in 2007. My big, new...

The New Normal With Lupus: Recovery Days

Today is a "recovery" day for me. Recovery is what I call sleeping in as late as my tired body wants, awakening slowly and gently.  No alarms on these rare, but necessary days.  A...

From Ugly Ornaments to Real-Live Parent Gifts!

Christmas, birthdays, and holidays in general, are changing a lot in my household. It has always been about making the most of these big days. Presents, decorations, and making things extra special was all...

Letting Go of Those Last Little Children’s Books

Giving away that very last children's book was excruciating for me. Don't get me wrong, my kids are now 15, 13, and 8, so they know it's time. The problem is, my mama heart...
Moms, get in the picture

Why Moms Should Stay in the Picture Instead of Behind the Camera

I am trucking along in the mommy life, working around preschool schedules with our two boys and doing a good job. I am living the boy life which entails half-day school, noon pick-ups, picnics...