Pamela Mallory

Currently a stay at home mompreneur, I am always on the look out for ways to incorporate multiple streams of income into my life so that I may continue to have the flexibility and availability I enjoy with my two young children. I founded Transparent Investment Solutions, LLC and Renewed Fitness Vibrations, LLC to help me live out my God given purpose; offering individual different tools that will help them achieve their dreams and goals. My personal goal is to be an example to other women so they too can achieve financial independence and live the lifestyle they were destined to live. Always seeing myself as a student, I also want to inspire others to be inspired to find their own way in life, while passing on what whatever I have learned. My favourite quotes that motivate me are: " It's not over until I win" and "You can achieve all things through God".

Reading Grandma

"I love my Reading Grandma," is what my daughter, Soraya, who is 4 says often. The friendship between my daughter and this sweet "Reading Grandma," Ms.Rita, began on a snow day when the school closed...
it's all about perspective

It’s All About Perspective

Stop running! No! Don't do that! No water! Watch where you're going! Two hands! Focus! Calm down. Breathe! ....my little boy DOES NOT STOP! It could seem like my kid is unruly, but it's...
super power

What is Your Super Power?

If you look at yourself, your life, your family... What is your super power? In short, your super powers are what get you going and moving. It's your talent + your passion + your actions...

Self-Discipline and Self-Worth

"Discipline is an expression of self-worth" - Jen Groover. Sometimes, I just want to throw in the towel, because I get tired of the redundancy, the yelling, the constant picking up of toys, etc....

Oh My Gut-ness! {You Are What You Absorb}

"You are what you eat," is what you often hear. However, I was told by a hollistic pathogenic doctor I'm working with that it's actually, "You are what you absorb!" My only promise to you...

I Don’t Know How to Be a Good Daughter Anymore

"I used to do as I was told (well most of the time) but now that I'm all grown up, married and with children... I just don't know how to be a good...

Stay In Your Room Until the Light Turns Yellow {Teaching Self-Discipline}

Every night and every morning both my husband and I say, "Stay in your room until the light turns yellow," and all of our children say "Ok." We are our children's programmers. Our children...

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall {Learning to Love Yourself}

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Have you REALLY taken a moment to look in the mirror? Or are you looking in the mirror to just get something from between your...

Road Trip Survival Tips {Keeping the Kids Busy and Fed}

There are so many tips, tricks, and hacks out there to help you through your travels. Organizing, packaging, food, toys, books, stops, rewards, etc. It can be, and it was, overwhelming! I'm not the best...

Get Your Chalk and Draw Your Line {Setting Boundaries}

BOUNDARIES. GUIDELINES. NON-NEGOTIABLES... Many of us have them and many of us are lacking them. Hate to say it, but if people are walking all over you, not listening, and you're left feeling disrespected, or...