Rachel Mastin

I live on the east side of town with my husband and daughter. I'm a part-time RN and a full-time wife and mama. In my free time, I enjoy running, traveling and baking. My favorite place to travel is Northern Michigan. My family loves Reds games and going to different parks throughout the city.

100 (nearly) Free Things to Do with Your Kids This Summer

Whether you have small children or those who just got out of school for the summer, you may be looking for some creative ways to spend your time during the hot months besides just...

Easy Summer Fruit Slush

Do you need an easy recipe to throw together the night before a cookout, picnic or BBQ? Then consider making this delicious and sweet frozen fruit slush. You only need a few ingredients. Mix...

Angel’s Paws

A few months ago my husband and I made the difficult, heart-wrenching decision to have our dog euthanized. Before we decided that this would be best for our dog, many friends recommended the local...

Buying a More Helpful Baby Gift

Obviously, the best gifts at a baby shower or to one of your mom friends are those that the mother has registered for. This is what the mom really wants, so you should try...

Cruise Travel with Children

Have you ever thought about taking a cruise with your family but had hesitations? There are many reasons why a cruise could be your next family vacation. First of all, it’s not that expensive...

The Kindness of a Stranger

“Can I help you with something?” asked someone. The stranger’s voice made me turn and attempt to stop crying. I looked over to see an older gentleman looking at the same wall of boxes...
Naptime: One Thing I Do Right as a Mom

Naptime: One Thing I Do Right as a Mom

As a new parent, I do not profess to do much of anything right. However, one thing I believe I have gotten right is naptime. I schedule my days around naptime. Every day, without...

Guide to Christmas Tree Farms {2017}

My family and I love this magical time of year, and we enjoy making memories together doing our favorite traditions. One of our traditions is getting a live tree. We have yet to ever cut...
Relationships: Losing Friends Over Politics

Losing Friends Over Politics

The day we had a play date at the zoo, I looked at my husband and said, “This will be the last time I ever see them.” The “them” I am referring to used...
Grandma Emma's Secret to Soft, Delicious Cookies

Grandma Emma’s Secret for Soft, Delicious Cookies

My Grandma Emma grew up Amish, and she was the best cook and baker in the world. I learned many tips and tricks from her over the years, and I am convinced that I...