My name is Rachel and I am a local photographer, mommy of two, and wife. I was born and raised in Cincinnati and love it here. My family and I are huge baseball fans! We love the Reds and try to catch as many games as possible (we even had a Reds themed wedding!). My little family loves to explore fun and beautiful places around he city and do impromptu photo sessions as much as we can. We are a silly bunch who spends most of our time goofing around and laughing as much as possible. I am excited to be writing for CMB and cant wait to share my life stories with you all !

Date Nights Your Man Will Enjoy

I love date nights with my husband. They are rare and so special, however, I sometimes feel that my husband gets bored from time to time. When we get a night away from the...

What Depression Can Look Like

This is the hardest thing I have ever written or even spoken about. It is personal and private but as I feel myself being pulled out of the darkness, I feel it is important...
Goldfish birthday party

Goldfish Swim School: A Birthday Paradise

Every year, I struggle with planning where to go or what to do to celebrate my children’s birthday. Once I have that part figured out, I usually spend the day of the party stressed...

What Comes First

School is in full swing and my calendar has never been more full. I have been struggling every day with keeping up with my daily tasks and I feel like there are always 100...

Dear Mom

Dear Mom, Thank you for being such a wonderful role model. Thank you for the countless back scratches and hugs and the constant "I love yous." Thank you for introducing me to God and teaching...

Summer Blues

When I open my computer, I write for fun. I write for enjoyment. I write to try and help moms feel like they are not alone in the struggle of motherhood. If one person...

Long Distance Marriage

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. I don’t know about that, but I do know that it made my heart more patient. For the past year, my husband has been working out-of-town...

How My 2019 Resolutions Are Holding Up

(Editor's Note - Almost halfway through 2019, this author takes a look at how her New Year's resolutions are holding up.) I have never been much for resolutions, but this year was different. In addition...

Tips for the Hard-Working Momma

If your parenting style is anything like mine, you might be looking for some shortcuts or mom hacks to make the days easier. As a parent, I feel like I am always rushing. We...

Treat Yo Self!

Moms work hard! We do so much whether it be staying at home or being a career mom. What truly saddens my heart is how, at times (in many cases, most of the time)...