Roynette Brown


Facing A Health Problem With Faith And A Positive Attitude

I know exactly what it’s like to face a scary health problem, but its not with myself, its with my youngest son Jordan who has Cerebral Palsy. Jordan is now 6 going on 7...

Mommy and Me Dates

I started Mommy and Me dates after the twins came into our lives and I already had two. Once everyone was of talking age and getting their own little personalities I noticed the need...

A Quick Fix for the Mommy Blues

As Mothers we find ourselves juggling multiple hats: from working a 40 hours a week job outside of the home, raising kids, helping the kids out with homework, cooking, cleaning, laundry, being the Taxi...

A Letter to My Son Before His High School Graduation

Dear Son, It seems just like yesterday I was counting down the days until you were going to be born and now I am counting down the days (14 days to be exact) until your...