Sarah Hannah

Sarah Hannah is a Cincinnati mom to two active boys. She grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and graduated with a doctorate degree in psychology. Sarah developed a love for writing at a young age but has just recently started submitting her work. Her interests include longboarding, listening to music that isn’t played on the radio, and exploring old, unorganized book stores.

A Closer Look at Postpartum Depression

Last week, I drove from Cincinnati to Lancaster to visit a friend of mine. I had meant to visit for her baby shower. I had intended to visit after the baby was born once...

The Dangers of Being Too Safe

Halloween is long over and it’s time to pack away the scary stuff and make room for wholesome family gatherings. I always feel a little sad once Halloween passes, not only because it’s my...

Woes of a Foodie in a Chicken Nugget World

Andrew Zimmerman has made a career out of exploring the strange and unexpected of the culinary world. His catchphrase, “If it looks good, eat it!” is echoed in each episode of his Travel Channel...

Missing the Mom Memo {How to Be Kind to Yourself}

It was about two years ago on a February afternoon that my kindergartener hobbled down the stairs of the school bus waving a gallon-size freezer bag filled with cartoon notecards and boxes of pink,...