Tara Limoco

Cincinnati has been my home since graduating from college, and thanks to all the friends I have made here, I am happy to now call it home. I am Mom to three teenagers so life is never boring at our house. While we homeschooled for several years, we are slowly aging out of that adventure and into the new territory of dating, driving, college applications and who knows what next! When my mom hat isn't on, I squeeze in a few of my other loves–exploring our city, crafting, reading, kayaking, hiking, gardening, traveling, and teaching people to take good care of their skin through my Mary Kay business. Oh, and of course writing!

Breakfast in a Glass: Healthy Smoothies to Start Your Day

We are a house full of night owls. About an hour after dark is when my children venture out of their rooms, ready to talk, find a snack, or play a round of ping...

Go Ahead – Quit! {Teaching My Kids a Valuable Life Lesson}

Persistence gets a lot of hype. “Winners never quit! Quitters never win!” “You only lose when you quit!” “It’s always too soon to quit.” But I have to say, there are times I want my...

The Questions I Can’t Answer {3 Kinds of Questions Kids Ask}

When my kids were little, they had a million questions. I’m sure yours do (or did), too. It’s what kids are made for - endless curiosity for figuring out the world around them. As...

Four Books and a Podcast for a Better 2021

Perhaps I am overstepping by assuming you want 2021 to be better than 2020 was. But really, am I wrong? Is there anyone among us not ready to say a hearty goodbye to last...

My Rapidly Emptying Nest

I have three teenagers. Next fall, the oldest will be headed to college (Covid-willing; please let this crapshow be in the rearview mirror by then). While college is still a few years off for...

Movie Theme Nights to Get Us Through the Long Months Ahead

Who would have thought six months ago that we would still be avoiding large gatherings, only socializing outdoors, and hoping for something (anything!) to break up our monotonous weeks at home? Not me, but...

Getting Dinner Done: Pressure Cooker Family Favorites

I know many of you will heartily agree when I say that I am EXHAUSTED of cooking. I made the bread. I wrote the meal plans. I tried the new recipes. My enthusiasm wore...

How to Clean Your Bedroom 101

I have always tried to approach parenting with the end in mind. The goal is to send a fully functioning near-adult into the world able to fend for themselves. They should be able to...

Birthday Fun for Teens

It’s official. As of this month, I have no more children - only teenagers. It’s a weird feeling for sure. The days of elaborate Harry Potter re-creations, building a spy training center in the...
Hudsonville Ice Cream

Celebrate National Ice Cream Month With Hudsonville

While long, lazy summer days are what childhood dreams are made of, the memories that stand out from my childhood are those of special occasions, marked with family time, celebration and sweet treats. On...