Creating the Perfect Baby Shower Gift Basket

This post is part of a sponsored relationship with JustBorn. We love the quality materials and trendy prints from JustBorn and are thrilled to share more about this product with all of you!

New babies are exciting and SO much fun to buy for! And while registries are great, I am “one of those people” who likes to go rogue and try to find that special gift that stands out, but ideally also is functional for the new mom to be. One way, I have found to do this is to shop with a theme in mind and put together a gift basket of goodies.

In my opinion, quality baby shower gift baskets have
6 main elements that are the key to their success:

Something to WEAR
Something to READ
Something for PLAY
Something for MOM
Something to HOLD it all!

gift basketSomething to Wear

Baby clothes are the best! However, let’s be real here… those super cute complex outfits may seem like a good idea, but the truth is they sit in the closet in favor of the more comfortable, practical attire once that little one is actually here.

I love JustBorn’s New Fall Baby Collection (now available at and select Kohl’s stores) because it’s the perfect blend of comfort, durability, functionality, and it retains that cuteness factor! This clothing line is made with organic cotton, no harmful chemicals, and super soft for baby, (important to mom!) as well as quality materials, designed with on-trend colors, styles, and prints (also important to mom!) Choose from bodysuits, a gown and cap set, sleep n play outfits, take-me-home sets, two-piece sets, bibs, headbands, socks, caps, and mittens.

There are four different designs in this collection that are perfect for your Fall baby shower gift basket:

  • Lil’ Dino
  • Lil’ Lion
  • Lil’ Llama (Yes, please! Actually, let’s just theme the entire gift basket with llamas.)
  • Lil’ Lamb

clothing to include in baby shower gift basket Something to Read

I am in the “you can never have too many books” camp and you can take it a step further and write a special note to mom and baby inside the cover for them to discover later. The Llama Llama series, by Anne Dewdney, would go perfectly with the adorable Just Born llama print from above!

Something Practical

This is where I like to put my veteran mom status to work. I like to think about the things I valued the most as a new mom that I didn’t think to include on my registry. For me this has included:

  • Nursing covers
  • Boppy pillow
  • Lightweight swaddle blankets
  • Pacifiers
  • Small cooler to store breastmilk (especially if mama plans to return to work post-baby).

(All of the above can be found in llama prints too… just sayin’)

Something for Play

You can choose which direction you would like to go with this one. Stuffed animals and rattles are reliable go-tos, but if you want to stand out consider choosing a toy that the little one can grow into. I am a big fan of wooden stacking toys and bath toys. 

Something for Mom

Don’t forget the Mama Llama (see what I did there?) when you put together your gift basket. This can be as big as a prepaid massage at a local spa or as small as a gift card for coffee. One of my biggest go-to’s is a pair of comfy PJ pants to wear around the house postpartum, but dry shampoo can be huge as well. 

Something to Hold it All

This may be a shock to some of you, but a gift basket doesn’t have to be a basket. Put your goodies in:

  • a portable diaper caddy
  • a baby bathtub
  • a bassinet
  • a diaper caddy
  • a vintage wooden box (can later be used to hold toys or books)

In the end, the new mom will appreciate the support and presence of those who love her and her new baby more than anything else you can give her, however, a well-thought-out gift basket is not only a great gift but can be a ton of fun to put together at the same time!

What are your new baby gift basket must-haves?



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