Back-to-School Season is a Fresh Start for Mom, Too


I’m someone who loves a clean slate. To me, every Monday is an opportunity to start living anew and remedy bad habits. I’ve mentioned before how I’m fortunate to have two opportunities for New Year’s resolutions, but the time I try to do the biggest upheaval on my life is the back-to-school season.

When I was a student, this was the time of the year I got the most excited about. It didn’t matter what kind of student I was the year before. For the upcoming year: I would be better. More organized, more studious, and more involved. Did I follow through with everything? Some years were better than others, but the unbridled enthusiasm to be the ultimate best I could be was present at the beginning of every year. I’m sure I’m not the only person who viewed school supply shopping season as the REAL “most wonderful time of the year.” One of the greatest simple pleasures in my life is a blank notebook or planner. 

Even though I’m a mom to a toddler who attends school a few hours a week, I am still excited to be part of the back-to-school hoopla. His school supply list this year might be shorter than what I’m used to, but I will still push my shopping cart into the store with gusto as I pick up every item he needs in addition to picking up supplies to donate (and a few for myself as well).

A new school year means a refresh to our routine. This year, I intend to prepare for the morning the night before and get up earlier so the day starts off less hectic and we can arrive at drop-off on time. I also plan to have a schedule for each day. Nothing too regimented, but it would be nice to have a better handle on my time management. 

One thing that has changed since I was a student is my attitude. In the past, one hiccup or mistake to my best-laid plans would make me feel like a failure, and I would give up easily and revert to my less productive habits. Growing older has given me the knowledge to realize that it’s totally normal to fall off track but it does not mean I have to give up.

As the end of summer approaches and you feel a little worn out (like I do!), take some time to plan out what you’d like to improve for yourself and your family ahead of this back-to-school season. Anticipate their first day as your first day, too. Here’s to a great new school year!


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