Quick and Affordable Bathroom Makeover


If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to transform your bathroom, look no further than paint.

When we moved into our new home, our one bathroom was so dark and drab. I wanted a new vanity, new floors and a new paint color for the walls, but when we got the estimate for all of that, I said no way. We settled on a new color on the walls and a makeover for the vanity, which I did all myself. With a few gallons of paint, some primer, a new shower curtain, and some decorations, our bathroom had a whole new look for a whole lot less!

The drab before

We first decided on a soft grey paint for the walls. I took everything off the walls, spackled, sanded and spackled and sanded some more until it was ready for paint. I painted all the walls first.

Next, I took off all the vanity doors and cleaned the doors well with soap and water to remove all the grime and dirt on them. I allowed these to dry well. Next came the most difficult part of the whole process – sanding the doors. If you have access to (own/rent/borrow) a sander, I highly recommend it. It will make the next steps in the process so much easier. Sand, sand, sand those cabinet doors.

When you are ready, use a high-quality primer (we only use Sherwin Williams primer and paints in our house – love them!) and prime all of the doors. Use sawhorses if you have them to prime one side, allow to dry, and then prime the edges and then flip over and prime the other side. Don’t forget to sand, prime, and paint the inside areas of the vanity, if desired.

Once all the primer is dried, it’s time to paint! This part goes very quickly if you have sanded and primed appropriately. I used a smaller brush to get into the grooves and then I used a small roller for the rest of the doors. I did two coats of paint. Allow it to dry in between coats, per the recommended drying times on the paint itself. We chose a white for the doors, and I think it gives the bathroom a very clean look. After everything is dry, it’s time to reinstall the doors. Lastly, choose some fun hardware for the doors and install that.


Next, re-install (or upgrade) hardware for your towel racks, if desired. We also changed the hardware on the main door. I bought a new shower curtain with lots of bright, fun colors, but it wasn’t childish. I wanted something that could grow with my daughter, and I think this one definitely will. I bought some bright wooden flowers and put those in a vase on top of the vanity. I found some fun artwork that matched some of the colors.


I think the final result looks clean and bright and fun. I love that paint is what transformed this room!



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