The Butler County Donut Trail: A Sugar-Filled Adventure for all Donut Lovers!


The Butler County Donut TrailDonuts! A weakness of mine that was developed during my childhood. An outing with my parents that I always looked forward to & the small town IGA that had the best ones around. Sprinkles that gave me a sugar high & gooey icing that coated my fingers were just a couple of reasons donuts became my favorite and still are! I have now passed this love on to my daughters. It is not a bad thing (even though my husband would disagree), we all need a donut every now and then right?!

I have to share this amazing event, which is happening in Butler County, with all of my fellow donut lovers out there. The Butler County Visitors Bureau has created The Donut Trail, which is a self-guided trail that involves devouring yummy donuts at some of the best family-owned bakeries in Cincinnati. All that you have to do is visit each donut shop, ask for the featured word to write on your passport (which you can get in store or print from the link below). Once you’ve conquered the trail, and visited each bakery, you will earn the Official Butler County Donut Trail t-shirt and bragging rights. It is the perfect event for families, friends, couples, co-workers, school groups and for moms after the kids go to school. Don’t worry your secret is safe here! If these bakeries are not at your back door, pack up and take a road trip. I promise you won’t be disappointed. You are eating Donuts for Goodness Sakes!

I had the pleasure of talking with Tracy Kocher, Marketing Director at the Butler County Visitor’s Bureau. It was so delightful to hear about all of the energy this event is generating in the city. Tracy provided some fun facts about the trail, as well as answers to a few FAQ’s to give you all a bit more information before planning your first stop on the trail. Are you ready to get started?

Participating Bakeries

Jupiter Coffee & Donuts~Fairfield

Kelly’s Bakery~Hamilton

Martin’s Donuts~Trenton

Milton’s Donuts~Middletown

Mimi’s Donuts & Bakery~Hamilton

Oxford Doughnut Shoppe~Oxford

Ross Bakery~Hamilton

Stan the Donut Man~West Chester

The Donut Spot~Fairfield

Fun Facts

Jupiter Coffee & Donuts sells a maple donut that is glazed with maple syrup from their Ohio family farm.
A pair of sisters own two of the donut shops (The Donut Spot and Kelly’s Bakery).
Mimi’s Donuts & Bakery is owned by a retired police officer. How perfect is that?
Milton’s Donuts is the oldest shop on the trail at 56 years old.
One of the shops sells over 6,000 donuts on the average Saturday.
We’ve had visitors from 15 states and 3 countries complete the Donut Trail in the last 80 days.

Donut Trail FAQ’s

When did the Donut Trail Start?
The Donut Trail started on January 20th, 2016.

How many people have completed the Donut Trail?
Over 1,500 people have completed it to-date.

Is there a time limit to complete the trail?
The Donut Trail does not have a time limit. 1/3 of people do it in one day, which is a daunting task. If you are trying to accomplish it in a day, we recommend starting very early in the morning. All of the shops close when they sell out for the day. A few always seem to sell out extra early, possibly earlier than 9-10AM on a weekend. In general, you can take a day, a week, a month, a year, whatever you choose.

Is there a deadline to turn in the passport?
There is not a deadline, however shirts are limited.

Can everyone in my family complete the trail and get a t-shirt?
Of course! However, adult sizes are the only ones available.

My daughters and I have had so much fun on the trail! Each bakery definitely has a specialty, however it is hard to pick just one. My advice is to get a few & share. It is always fun to try something new! My favorites include the Glazed Donut from Ross Bakery, the Reese Donut from Mimi’s Donuts & Bakery, and the Mint Chocolate Chip Donut from Jupiter Coffee and Donuts. They roast their own coffee beans so make sure to have coffee with your donut!

I have talked with a few bakery owners, which all enjoy owning a bakery because of the customers that walk through their doors, as well as the happiness (and smiles) that donuts create. Throughout our trail, we have met people of all ages from all over and shared our favorite stops along the way. It is fascinating to see just how much happiness a sweet little (and sometimes big) pastry can bring to someone’s day!

Have a Sweet time on the trail, and I will see you around like a donut!

Check out the link below to print out your map & passport.

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