Cards Matter


Growing up, I have always been taught the value of my words. My mother, having lost hers at a young age, showed me in the importance of always saying what you mean before it’s too late. Every time we’d leave each other we were required to say I love you, for you never know when it’d be the last time. My father taught me the importance of being blunt and honest. My brother taught me the importance of choosing the right words for the right audience. As I sit here, fully grown and with kids of my own, I realized the truth in all of these statements. I fully value the human connection that the art of conversations brings. 

Holidays, birthdays, and special occasions are wonderful celebrations of the other connections in our life that tend to get lost in our hectic agenda. As my kids get older, I am now the keeper of everyone’s schedule. I now understand why dates get overlooked often or double booked. I used to be so organized and have the ability to support everyone around me, now I am struggling with finding the time to even manage myself let alone making time for those outside of the home. This does not mean that I have given up on these connections.


They are family, the same family that has been by our side since day one. They are the friends who have always been there with love and support.

“Life” is not a reason for missing out on time with these people who make us feel alive. They respect that we are busy and those who truly love us will always support what is best for us and our family. Even if that means canceling on our 3rd playdate in the past two months or not seeing us for a while. We will always find a way to reconnect with them.

Our time is not guaranteed to one another, yet we place so much hope in putting off these moments until tomorrow; a day that is deemed to be undetermined. I realize now… there are days screaming for our attention. No, I’m not saying you need to completely drain yourself catering to others, but everyone has a day/holiday/or life event that holds large importance to them. The secret to showing people just how special this connection truly is to you is just a simple card. It doesn’t matter if you’re not there for each event or even if you’re just too busy to come, a card with your well wishes speaks volumes.

Now I know how crazy it sounds, the $1.99 card that took you two minutes to pick up at a supermarket doesn’t seem like much. You didn’t spend $20 plus on it. You didn’t think for months about it. Heck, you didn’t even send it on the right date. None of this matters. If you take a card and write your truth (say what you mean, be blunt, and word it in your tone), it will be something to cherish for years to come.

My mother and father would every year write a letter to me in my birthday card. I can read these and be transported back to each year with them. I can read their feelings and memories. Through their cards, I can hold them close, forever. My grandmother didn’t write the novels that my mother wrote, yet just the simple “Love, Grandma” is truly missed. I can see the pain it caused her in the last few cards versus the time she’d take perfecting her cursive when I was younger. Every curve showing the physicality of her giving me her love as if she were here hugging me/holding my hand through grieving her.

You see, written words are just as important as spoken. They are vital to the soul and seem almost eternal in a life together that seems so short. So don’t throw those cards away. Teach your children to stop sighing and ripping them from the side to expose the green. The real wealth is inside; the pure connection to those we love. No matter the date, no matter the time, a card is always welcome. 

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Danielle was raised in the small town of Highland Heights KY. With influences from across the river she grew up with a passion for sports, the arts, Ballet, writing, hiking, and nutrition. She now resides in the city of Alexandria KY and looks towards the queen city for many of her resources in raising two well rounded little ones. Her marriage of eight years has blessed her with a little girl (7 years old) and a little boy (6 years old). She is currently a stay at home mother and is focused on improving routines for the the family's overall health. She aspires to be the person that other's can rely on and has learned many things about balancing that boundary of self care vs supporting others. Growth isn't just for the children and through her writing she shares her journey.


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