To the Caretakers in this World, Thank You


caretakersThe pandemic has heightened the senses and ushered hearts to ponder the investments that truly matter. As I look out upon the obstacles, the losses, and the stretching unknowns that our world has faced, I think of Mr. Rogers’ observant words, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Loved ones have endured isolation within the last couple years that has shifted the hands and the feet of serving one another, and caretakers have picked up a heavy load in these trenches.

As loved ones have been separated from nursing homes, family gatherings, and the like, I know that some of you caretakers are positioned in a weary stance as you bridge gaps and connect for support. I can only imagine the emotional, mental, and physical strains you are facing as you show up to love our people in ways that we have not been able to do during this time.

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May you know that you are seen in the moments that feel left unsung and that your empathetic efforts are writing a story of hope as loved ones process the grieving nature of this time.

To the beautiful caretakers in this world,

To those of you who intentionally take the compassionate stance to live out the role of caretaker, I thank you for striving to extend a nonjudgmental and safe presence to those entrusted to your care. You are needed in the trenches, and it is a beautiful kindness to this world to see you diligent in your efforts to still edify, even amidst the hard times.

To those of you who have unintentionally been placed in that role to extend a tender embrace for your loved one, I thank you for your steadfastness to continue learning each of your new askings in your season. You are needed in your position, and it is an act of mercy to this world to see you step to the role with grace, even amidst the suffering.

I thank you for the abundant ways that you transcend time and age and love fiercely to allow the receiver of your care to not feel like a burden but a life still purposed and of great use to this world. You are needed, no matter your giftedness, and it is a sweet embrace to this world to see you extending hope in the life of someone who simply needs to know that they matter.

I thank you for sacrificing consistent, restful days as you extend yourself in availability around the clock to stay present for others’ needs. And thank you for recognizing when you need that day to breathe in grace and rest so that you can continue being an outpouring presence to your loved ones. You are needed in heart, even if you are not physically present with them, and it is a teaching of faith to this world to see you serving in these ways.

I thank you for the way you journey in conversation, with emotional stamina, to allow the process of a difficult diagnosis and outcome, even amidst the ebbs and flow in accepting that plight. You are needed amidst the moments where words are a voice to embrace and you are needed amidst the time when silence meets their moment. Your discerning presence is an act of wisdom to this world as you recognize how to extend in the way it is needed to be met.

Beautiful Caretaker, in the loudest way I can shout, thank you for showing up! Life is richer because of your tender care to think of others with empathy and to see beyond your needs in order to help another’s story see the meaning of faithfulness amidst their hard times. You are needed in the silence, in the pain, in the loud, in the chaos, and in the grief. You are known by your presence in the room and the ability you have to soothe a suffering heart bringing a person from isolation to community.

Thank you for seeing your role as an opportunity to show care and to usher grace amidst a hurting world.

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