At 28 years old I became a mother.  Hands down the best thing that has happened to me, then and now.  Even today, four years later I love being able to sit out on the back deck of my...

Mama of Four

I remember the blissful state of shock and excitement I felt, upon learning I was pregnant, like it was yesterday.  My stomach still literally flutters when I think about it.  I also remember just as strongly the soul crushing...

The 2nd Pregnancy

We all know that every pregnancy is different. Our bodies are different with each one and respond differently. Duh. But what I am loving so far, being 16 weeks along with my second, is how mentally different pregnancies are....

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25 Cincinnati Experiences to Gift this Year {2021 Edition}

If your house is anything like ours, the last thing you need this holiday season is more stuff. More toys, more gadgets, more anything! If...
santa sightings in cincinnati

Santa Sightings {2021}