If I convinced you that packing up your kids and traveling to a far away land isn’t completely crazy in this post, perhaps you have been wondering where to go. Well, I have some ideas for you! Here are...
For way too long after we had kids, we were vacation-less. Unless you count staying a few days with the grandparents at their timeshare (an anti-vacation if there ever was one) or a long weekend drive to a neighboring...

Lessons from a Disney Virgin

OK - Full disclosure. I was not technically a Disney virgin. I have been to Disney World before. However, this recent trip was the first time I have been in over 15 years (it has changed a ton!) and...
The end of summer vacation season has found us. If you were one of the lucky ones, you now have an SD card full of photos (because lets be honest, who has time to download and print them?!?) and...

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See HERE for recent guidance from the Ohio Department of Health on this year's Halloween. October 31st is on a Saturday this year! Dust off...

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