Childhood Summer Memories {My Bucket List}


When I reminisce about childhood summers, the first things that come to mind aren’t always the big family vacations or the huge moments.

School always let out in June growing up.


June was a magical month, I could taste it like a frosty red popsicle and smell and feel it on my skin, thick like banana boat sunscreen. The moments of summer that were truly magical, the ones that screamed summer to me were the simpler ones, the everyday little moments.

My idea of a summer bucket list is reliving some of my favorite, most poignant memories with my boys as well as creating a few new ones. These are the moments that capture my childhood summers:

  1. Berry picking
  2. Back-to-school shopping
  3. Corn shucking
  4. Catching lightning bugs
  5. Playing in the sprinkler
  6. Swim lessons
  7. Vacation Bible School
  8. Lessons to learn a new sport (golf or tennis)
  9. Power outage night: flashlights, forts, telling stories (or, in this case, this summer, three nights so far, including an impromptu two-night hotel stay!)
  10. Children’s museum
  11. Zoo days
  12. Safety town
  13. Carnivals (like Union Center Bash – find an equivalent)
  14. Ice cream truck
  15. The Cone
  16. Friendly’s Wattamelon
  17. Dive-in movies
  18. Putt-putt golf
  19. Creeking
  20. S’mores
  21. Drive-in movies
  22. Discover new parks
  23. Create a lifesize board game with sidewalk chalk
  24. Decorate t-shirts and baseball hats
  25. summer reading program at your local library
  26. Playing school or camp with a younger sibling
  27. Popsicles on the deck or front porch
  28. Water balloons
  29. Olympics-themed parties
  30. Put on a play with neighborhood kids
  31. Stay at Great Wolf Lodge
  32. Reds Game (fireworks night or daytime game and ice cream in the baseball hats!)
  33. Kings Island
  34. Water park (Splash City or The Beach)
  35. Stricker’s Grove
  36. Water fight with neighbor kids
  37. Slip-n-slide
  38. Swim parties
  39. Summer camps with church
  40. Summer camps (day camps)
  41. Eating big slices of watermelon and spitting out the seeds
  42. Fireworks!
  43. Sparklers

What’s on your summer bucket list with your family this year?


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