My Children’s Summer Bucket List


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Last year, I wrote my summer bucket list from my perspective – memories I wanted to recreate with my children – not necessarily to complete in one summer, but at some point during their childhood! This year, I wanted to do another summer bucket list post, but decided to get my kids’ input on what they wanted to do! Here’s what they (we – some I added because they have been talking about them even if they didn’t state them when directly prompted) came up with:

1. Vacation to Palm Springs… check!

2. Summer reading program to win prizes – We are already on our way! I love how Midpointe Library’s Summer Reading Program has multiple ways to fill out your summer reading log. It’s kind of like a summer bucket list within a summer bucket list: visiting a park, story time at the park, story walks, and library programs, in addition to just reading a book or reading for an hour. The theme is All Together Now, which really embraces the community and family-friendly nature of the program and gets everyone involved! I also love how so many of the activities on the log encourage the community to get involved with and utilize the services and programs offered by the library, such as free lunches for kids!

3. Wetherington Waves and Riptides – My newly-turned 6-year-old has moved up to the regular swim team and has competed in two meets. He beat his own time in backstroke! My almost 4-year-old is getting very comfortable in the water and diving for toys. Ring pops and airheads are good incentives for improved times and work ethic!

4. Camp Mamaw and Papa (Put-in-Bay, etc.) – The boys spent a week at the grandparents’ for the first time last year and loved having that extended quality time with them, so we already have it on the calendar for this year! It’s a super fun time for them (and a break for mom and dad and baby brother)!

5. The Cone – We finally got our peach shakes just last week after item #14.

6. Swaffy’s – We have gone here twice, once after item #13.

7. Dollywood – Hoping to make it there for Summer Celebration. It looks like THE MOST fun for kids!

8. Stricker’s Grove – On the docket for June 29 as a part of the fair!

9. Both boys’ birthday parties – One down and one to go!

10. The Web – The boys love this place and have been talking about going back!

11. Safety Town for my kindergartner!

13. Super Mario Brothers movie… check! We loved it so much that we might stream it for an at-home movie night, complete with popcorn and snacks!

14. Vacation bible school for both boys… check! Our church did Keepers of the Kingdom and I love how into it all the adults get with their characters and costumes and the decorations! I’d love to have them attend Stellar at a different church if we can fit it into our plans because both boys are space-obsessed!

15. King’s Island – My 6-year-old has been wanting to go for a while and now that I’m not pregnant, it might be a great time to fulfill that dream!

16. Berry picking – Hopefully, we’ll pick some strawberries or if not, blueberries!

17. The nature scape at Summit Park – We were just at Summit Park for Father’s Day, but weren’t all dressed to get wet, so we had to add it to the list to come back to the “water park!”

18. The Pudgy Penguin – This used to be the Candy Stache. We have not been back since they changed the name!

19. EnterTRAINment Junction – My almost 4-year-old and I recently went and now the 6-year-old wants to go, too. So we decided to add Christmas in July there to our bucket list!

20. Drive-in movie – Hopefully to see Elemental!

21. Go to our neighborhood pool – The swim team is over in mid-July, so I’m sure if not before, we’ll be hitting up the pool a lot then!

What items do your kids have on their summer bucket lists?


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