Choose Your Own Adventure Story Time


While visiting my in-laws recently, I overheard my father-in-law telling a story to my toddler twins, but after each line he’d ask them to fill-in the blank. For example, “We walked into the forest and we saw_____. What did we see?”.  My kids responded with tons of ideas like birds and bikes and berries. GENIUS! They loved the interaction and it really engaged their imagination. We’ve started telling these stories at night, but I find myself also doing it when the kids get fussy or bored. You can really start (and go!) anywhere, but here’s an example of one of our nightly bedtime stories (kids’ answers have been bolded and underlined for emphasis). 

One morning Mama and the Twins decided to take a trip to the grocery store. Once they got the grocery store, the twins walked to see the apples. The apples were so many colors, like blue, white and green (may need to work on colors). Afterwards we looked for a car cart (of course!). We found and rode in a green car. We honked the horn and it made a noise like honk, honk and toooooot (cue the giggles). Next, we went to find cookies (typical). We ate cookies with sprinkles and broccoli, while Mama drank water (not really what I was looking for here, kids). Then, we rode by the crabs. The crabs winked and said “Hi!” to us. Now we are ready to leave! We paid for our things and our cashier gave us a sticker and a strawberry. The strawberry was hot and orange (again, with the color thing). We have everything we need and now we need to go home because we were cold and needed to change our baby doll’s outfit. Bye, bye grocery store.  And good night!

Try it out and let your imaginations run wild…


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